Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anthony Weiner's Sexting vs Rudolf Giuliani's Fucking

Apparently the NYC media thinks that anonymous cyber sex which is mostly a fantasy thing is far worse than actual physical sucking and fucking.

Ex NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani had a tawdry affair when he was cheating on his hot wife Donna Hanover but for some reason the NYC press and the national press didn't mind. Guliani even had a fairly successful Republican primary run for POTUS. Guliani put his hot wife Donna Hanover through a living hell whereas Weiner's wife who is also hot didn't seem to give a shit that her hubby Anthony was stroking more than the keys.

Weiner was combing the fish while Rudy was playing hide the sausage.

Enter Anthony "Oscar Meyer wannbe Mayor" Weiner the sexting ex congressman. His marriage did not end in a messy divorce. Weiner kept his weiner in his pants until he got infront of a screen on his iPhone or laptop and the only victims were sticky keys. Weiner didn't even show anyone his. He showed people his buff body and with a snout like his, you'd better have a nice looking body.

She didn't get those lips from sucking door knobs sideways! Open wide Monica and make room for the big dog's hotdog!
Let's drop the political correctness. Sexting is a step above porn and people will debate as to whether it is actually cheating. Kissy wissy, feely weely and sucky fucky is considered actual cheating by almost everyone with the exception of Bill Clinton who believes that eatin ain't cheatin as he wagged his finger and said, "I did not have sex with that woman - Miss Lewinsky." Had Monica swallowed and not dribbled all over her dress after freeing Willy's willie, Bill Clinton today would be getting the occasional hummer from Monica because as we all know, fat girls give the best head because they are always hungry. Next time  you get  blow job Bill jam it down her throat before blowing your wad.

Did Clinton's 13 year affair with Jennifer Flowers make him bad at his job? Did the blow job from Monica Lewinsky affect his job performance? Of course not! If anything it improved it. A good blow job is very relaxing and a realxed president is a happy president. You can beat an egg, your wife or a drum but you can't beat a blow job. 

Guliani was a good mayor and Clinton was a good president so what's to stop Weiner from being a good Mayor other than the fact that he sucked as a congressman?

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