Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bigger Fatter Politics Is Kicking ASS! it is ranked #704,640 in the world, a low rank means that this website gets lots of visitors. This site is worth $4448 USD and advertising revenue is $100 USD per day. it has 3249 visitors and 6324 pageviews per day. Currently, this site needs more than 211.78 MB bandwidth per day, this month will needs more than 6.41 GB bandwidth. Its seo score is 63.2%. IP address is, and its server is hosted at Mountain View, United States. Last updated on Mon, 08 Jul 2013 02:11:05 GMT.

I Fat Bastard would like to take this opportunity to thank, The Chef, Proud FA, Belly Boy, Dr Bear, Rotunda Hindenberg, Womynia, Coach Gaines, Jenna Talia and Lynn Gweenie for the growth and success of Bigger Fatter Politics and making is the most successful fat centric news source on the net.

UPDATE:  Bigger Fatter Politics Continues to Sky Rocket!

SEO Score is 63.2% for

This is an amzingly high SEO score for a website let alone a blog. Much of the credit certainly goes to me, Fat Bastard but if it were not for out readers and fan base of greedy gluttons Bigger Fatter Politics would go the way of the rest of the fat acceptance blog that are here today and gone tomorrow.  We thank you for your support! 


  1. Wow, you make $100 a day from this blog? I don't really see any ads, how do you make $36,500 a year from it without even having any ads? How is something that makes $100 a day worth less than $5,000? Makes no sense- something that makes over $36k a year should be at least worth $50k or so.


  2. I'm not making any money from this blog because I cannot control the content of the ads that Google would put on it but if I did monetize this blog it would pull down close to $40K a year.

    If affiliate marketers advertise here BFP could pull down even more coin.

    If you think this blog kicks ass, before to google et nannies deindexed Bigger Fatter Blog it was getting 30K page veiws a day and had 300+ back links.

    I don't understand the forumula they use. Usually a busies if worth 3 times the annual net.

    1. WOW!!!


      Maybe I should start myself up a blog!!! I bet I could earn some serious Nacho Money with that.

      As for what a business is worth, I asked Rev BLA. He told me that it depends on "the interest rates" and then he started talking about all this stuff like formulas. He said that the higher the interest rate is, the higher the multiplier is because the profits could be reinvested risk-free at a higher rate with gov't bonds. But yeah it apparently depends on the net profit, and is different for different business types. Like your blog, all the value is created by you posting the articles and the comments you attract to it, if someone else bought it from you and you weren't running it, suddenly it wouldn't be worth much because the new guy wouldn't be able to maintain your level of quality, so it could be worth a lower amount. But if it's a business that basically runs itself then that's a different story.

      Either way, wow, you must truly be a man of principle if you are turning down that much coin!

      If you are in contact at all with Reverend Burn, I hope that you will be able to ask him to leave a comment or maybe even write a Guest Article for the Bigger Fatter Politics blog sometime. I know he is committed to losing weight, but still.

      So, can anyone who makes a blog just start making money off of it like that?

      OINK OINK!!

    2. I have said for a long time that you Belly Boy should have a blog. I think that the Boom Shakka Lakka Belly Boy's Belly Blog would be a huge hit.

      Sadly RRRRRRRRReverend Burn is losing weight last I knew. That concerns me and I don't want his weight loss foolishness to sully this blog.

      Keep in mind that blogs don't get successful over night. The secret is SEO and creating a lot of back links.

    3. How do I start a blog? What do I do? I don't know how to even get a blog. Do I email google or something and say "hey, give me a blog, STICK BOY!"?

      I just heard about the George Zimmerman verdict, that he was found not guilty. I am saddened by that.

      However, I also read this article:

      It says that George Zimmerman has used a controversial but apparently highly effective legal tactic of deliberately gaining 120 lbs in order to be more sympathetic to the jury, and apparently it worked.

      Us fat guys just naturally look more innocent. Casey Anthony, on the other hand, knew that thin women are sexier and therefore she needed to not gain weight.
      The reason Jodi Arias lost was because she's actually not hot at all, even though for some reason everyone keeps talking about her being hot.

      OINK OINK.

      I hope that I can make some serious cash with the Belly Blog.

      Does it cost money to start the blog too? Or is it free and then I just click some stuff to put up ads (probably Google will pick weight loss ads but I don't care) and then as the readers pile up, so does my cash?

      BELLY BOY, soon to be rich

  3. I think it was a lot more than his gaining weight. Sure it helped him gain sympathy with the jury if the jurors were skinny chicks. The other thing that swung it for Zimmerman is that it was a Florida jury. They let that baby killer Casey Anthony go free so them aquitting a guy that stalked and gunned down a Black teen is not all that surprising. I was quite pissed but not surprised. No justice no pizza!

    I'd bone the shit out of a woman that looked like Casey Anthony or Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias is a much bigger slut. She's probable getting eaten and dildoed by a fat diesel dyke in prison.

    Blogs are generally free. Google Blogspot and Tumblr are the best and they are free. Google censors but if the blog is political they will leave it alone. Maybe you should call your Blog the Belly Politic.

    If you want a Blogspot blog you need a Gmail account. That's how you sign in.

  4. If you want huge numbers post pictures of slutty but clothed BBWs. Then put links to your blog on all the feeder and gainer sites.

    Thanks for the 411 on the Zimmerman blimp up defense.


    I just read that the new Twinkies are going to be SMALLER than the old ones!

    This is an OUTRAGE!!

    Fortunately for me, the price of my Twinkie inventory has quadrupled in the wake of these news articles. I feel bad that I ate about $27,000 worth of Twinkies when I thought they were going to become worthless, but oh well. I'm on pace to have earned quite a tidy profit as Twinkie sales pick up and my competitors run out of inventory. I am known as the #1 Twinkie Dealer in my area, with people asking me for a quick fix of that sweet golden stuff. It's the only time in my life where lots of women have been calling me up asking for that sweet white cream filling, ha ha ha. Too bad they're all morbidly obese. My GF is getting a bit more protective of me and says that I can't have sex with anyone else. But that's ok.

    Anyway, we need to let Hostess know that they are making impostor Twinkies and it's a joke.


    1. I'm on it Belly Boy. I have spent yesterday and today do an exhaustive comparative analysis of the new Twinkie and the classic Twinkie. I have eaten 15 boxes of each at great personal risk as my blood sugar skyrocketed but sacrifices in the name of science.

      I too am outraged of the skimpy Twinkie. I am calling it Twinkie Gate. When people are getting bigger Twinkies are getting smaller? WTF are these fat hating corporate goons thiking?

      The imposter Twinkie if more than a joke, it's a travesty!

    2. I'm glad to see that you are doing your research. Let no one ever deny that Fat Bastard is a man of science. Having to stomach 15 boxes of fake Twinkies is a harsh punishment, and it must have been pretty expensive to eat 15 boxes of the real stuff since they are selling for about $50 each nowadays on the black market. Twinkie addicts are lining up around the block for the real stuff, and unscrupulous Twinkie dealers have been trying to pass off the new ones as the real ones by putting them in a vacuum chamber (bell jar + air pump) so they will swell up a bit and look more like real ones.

      Others have taken up to making their own versions of the Twinkie, but we just don't have the same level of technology that Hostess did, so we can't replicate all the chemicals needed to make a Twinkie. We have to use more natural ingredients, and that results in a different product altogether, which is good but it lacks that Twinkie taste.

      Hostess is engaging in a shady ploy to bump up sales by skimping on the size of Twinkies. They want us to buy 2 or 3 times as many so they make them smaller. This is an outrage, that they downsize the product and charge the same price.

      On YouTube, look up Jimmy Dean sausage call, and you will hear a man complaining about when Jimmy Dean reduced the size of their sausages, and the message that he left on their answering service.



    3. My research continues. As part of my continuing comparative analysis I have consumed 20 or so Little Debbie Cloud Cakes which are a Twinkie knock off. I like them much better than this new Twinkie. I fired up the old insulin pen and went all RRRRRRRRRRRRReverend burn on those Twinkies.

      The Chef is working on a mega Twinkie that will be 200% larger than the original. The reason that the original Twinkie lost market share is that it did not keep up size wise. Hostess should have supersized the Twinkie.

      At this point I'm going with Little Debbie Cloud Cakes. They cost less than the new Twinkie, taste better and are a bit larger. While the don't match the classic Twinkie they are better than the neo Twinkie.

      Our investigtive reporter Rotunda Hindenberg has uncovered a Wall Street link to this. While the fear about returning to the gold standard proved unfounded the banksters feared the idea of going to a Twinkie standard and there seems to be mounting evidence that Wall Street is behind Twinkie Gate.


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