Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pranking Pesky Telemarketers

I think we can all agree the telemarketers really suck. Not only what they do is annoying it is also an invasion of privacy. 99% of them work some sort of a scam and seemingly with impunity as they rip off Americans. As that bad as that is it gets worse. Most of these pests call at mealtime and for a fat person all time is mealtime.

Obviously, the authorities are doing nothing to protect Americans from these telecommunication predators but people are fighting back by frustrating and otherwise screwing with these scumbags. The following videos are some interesting and funny examples of telemarketers being pranked.

I think we all have tried the do not call list only to find out that it's a bunch of bullshit. The time has come to declare war in these annoying ass clowns by stringing them along and otherwise wasting their time.

Watch the videos and then leave a comment regarding your experience with these shysters and fraudsters.

The next time one of these scumbags call you... FUCK WITH THEM!

This one is crude and sophomoric.

This one is quite quite clever.

This majestic fatling masterfully handles a pesky telemarketer.

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  1. Hahaha! Reminds me of the tips I found at I annoy telemarketers, too. I hate them with a passion.


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