Friday, August 2, 2013

Another Way Obesity is Good For the Economy

Sure, we all know that we fatling increase business for the medical industry by trillions and that our needs increase energy sales but the most obvious and least talked about is the sheer about of food we fatlings consume. When it comes to food we eat over 90% of it.

Let crunch some numbers. 

A whopping 74% of Americans are fat or obese.

Your average fatling makes up about 36% of the US population and while the normaling female consumes about 2000 calories a day and the normling male consumes about 2500 calories per day your average fatling's hyper metabolism burns 3000 - 5000

The other 38% are obese, mega obese, super obse and super super obese and then there are millions in the 15k to 30k calorie per day Belly Boy class.

If MeMe Roth and the other short sighted fat haters had their way everyone would be skinny and that would destroy the US economy in ways the banksters and corporate gangsters could never imagine.


  1. Thank FAT Bastard for setting the record straight! You are a gentleman and a scholar!



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