Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bigger Fatter Earth

Humans are not the only ones getting heavier. The earth moon and the planets are also getting heavier! I am hoping that the world's fattest astronomer Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear has time to discuss this. Dr Bear is kinda like a fat Bill Nye the science guy in that he is an ambassador for free thinking, rational thought and science.


Dr Bear demonstrating his sun viewer!

 The Earth gets 100 tons heavier each day.

This massive daily weight gain can be blamed on about 100 tons of meteoroids (fragments of dust, gravel, and even big rocks) entering the Earth’s atmosphere each day. If you stand under the stars for more than half an hour on a clear night you’re more than likely to see a few of these meteors.

However even after centuries of watching these meteors majestically tear through the night sky and trying to make them grant our wishes, we still haven’t managed to figure out where exactly they all originate from.

Do they come from the asteroid belt? Are they created in a comet’s death throes? Are they random pieces of space junk? NASA is now attempting to answer these questions with a network of smart cameras scattered all across the United States. So far these cameras tell scientists the size of every single meteor in the night sky, track their orbits, calculate their trajectory through the atmosphere, and determine whether and if so where, they will hit Earth.

Hopefully, as the technology develops and as patterns are spotted, scientists will be able to pinpoint where all these meteors are coming from too.

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  1. OK! This is right up my alley, because I love working with numbers. BIG FAT NUMBERS!!!

    I did some calculations, using a calculator of course, to calculate the percentage of increase in the earths weight or mass over the past 4.5 billion, that's 4 billion 500 million years.

    But, first . . . lets use a simple example.

    Lets say, last year, you paid $400 dollars per year in car insurance. But then, your insurance premiums went up, and this year, you had to pay $450 dollars.

    Now, lets calculate the percentage increase.

    Last year $400
    This year $450


    Divide the difference 50 by the original value of 400 and you get 50/400=0.125

    Now then, multiply that by 100 and you get
    0,125 X 100 = 12.5 So, that is a 12.5% percent increase.

    Now lets do Planet Earth.

    I did a Google search. The earth presently weighs about 6.6e21 short tons.

    That is 6.6x10 to the 21st power or

    6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons or
    6 sextillion 600 quintillion tons

    Now, the earth has been putting on weight, about 100 tons each day. So, lets see if the earth is becoming obese, or not.

    If the earth gains 100 tons per day, then . . .
    100 tons X 365 days = 36,500 tons per year.

    The earth is 4,500,000,000 years old. Multiply that by 365 days per year.

    The earth is approximately
    1,642,500,000,000 days old. that is . . .
    1 trillion 642 billion 500 million days old.

    This is only an approximation, because we don't know EXACTLY how many days old the earth is, and the earth is getting a day older, every day.

    Also, the earth use to rotate faster, so the day were shorter. About 60 million years ago, the rotational period was about 22 hours instead of 24, and about 4.5 billion years ago, it was about 6 hours.

    But, when the days were shorter, then the earth was gaining less than 100 tons per day. So, it still come approximately the same.

    This will not be an exact calculation, but only a close approximation.

    Now, with a weight gain, of 100 tons per day, then we multiply the age of the earth in days by 100 tons per day.

    1,642,500,000,000 X 100 = 164,250,000,000,000
    That is about . . .
    164 trillion 250 billion tons the earth has gained over the past 4.5 billion years, which is actually a very small number, a small percentage of increase over the past 4.5 billion years, compare to the total mass of the earth.

    Now, we subtract difference of 164 trillion 250 billion tons from present mass of 6 sextillion 600 quintillion tons.

    6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 subtract
    164,250,000,000,000 which equals
    6,599,999,835,750,000,000,000 the original mass.

    That is 6 sex tillion 599 quintillion, 999 quadrillion 835 trillion 750 billion tons.

    Now, we divide the difference, by the lower original value, then multiply by 100 to get the percentage of increase in weight over the past 4.5 billion years.

    164,250,000,000,000 divided by
    2.7375x10e-6 the result

    Then multiply by 100 and we get

    That is a 0.0002% percent increase.

    Another words, a 2/100,000th of a percent increase. A VERY SMALL percentage of increase.

    For example, if I weigh 400 pounds, a 1% percent weight gain would be 4 pounds.

    Now 4 pounds divided by 100,000 time 2 is . . .

    4/100,000 X 2 =0.00008 so that would be an increase of only a few milligrams, which is nothing compared to 400 pounds.

    Therefore, and increase of 164,250,000,000,000 or 164 trillion 250 billion tons is virtually nothing compared to the earth's already
    6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 6 sextillion 600 quintillion tons.

    So, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

    While the earth has gained some weight over the past 4.5 billion years, it is not becoming obese!

    But the good news is, the equatorial diameter is larger than it's polar diameter, it's bigger around the waist than it is tall, and because the southern hemisphere is slightly larger then the northern hemisphere, the earth is slightly pear-shaped.

    So, the earth has always been a little bit chubby!

  2. Dr Bear,

    As usual your erudition is not only spot on but very interesting.

    The earth seems to be growing to accommodate more people albeit at a slow rate. The earth clearly is a gainer but I suppose all the other solid planets are as well but what about the gas giants???

    Gravity is like appetite. As the earth gets bigger the it appetite for other space food grows. It is sad that the earth is not a celestial glutton but it is gaining.

  3. Oh! I need to add another comment here.

    I love the idea of Girth Day!

    It should be a national, NO, an international holiday, a day to celebrate gluttony and obesity, where all of us fatties march, or rather, waddle down the street, or ride in power chairs, wearing bright colored clothing to make our bodies look even larger, all kinds of wild patterns.

    Also, if all of us fatties are wearing bright colors on our great big bodies, we would reflect more sunlight away from the earth, thus cooling the earth down a little bit.

    Yeah! That just might help to solve the problems we're having with global warming.

    I have read in a recent science article, that CO2 levels have reached 400 parts per million, the highest it has been in the past 5 million years.

    Here's another way the obesity can save on energy.

    On cold days, fat provides a good insulation. I know I don't have to have my thermostat set as high as a thinner person does.

    I don't need to have the temperature at 70 degrees. I'm perfectly comfortable at 65 degrees.

    Thus, my heating bills are lower.

    Also, when I lived in Las Cruces New Mexico, I had a motorcycle, a Kawasaki KZ 650 with a 4 cylinder engine, and it got about 60 miles to the gallon, much cheaper on gas than a car, and I rode it all year around, even during the cold months of December and January.

    I very seldom saw any skinny guys or gals riding motorcycles during the winter months. When ever I saw another biker during the winder, it was usually some fat guy or fat gal.

    Yeah! We fat people look awesome riding on big motorcycles.

    And motorcycles use less gasoline than cars, thus, using up less energy, and contributing far less greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than people driving gas guzzling cars.

    So, in the long run, obesity may be good for the environment.

    Yeah! Happy Earth Day, and happy Girth Day to all.

    1. It's a double edged sword the CO2 thing. A 300 pounder produces double the CO2 than that 150 pounder and we dive less efficient cars but so what? Fat! So? Like you pointed out we are comfortable at lower temperatures but we do require more cooling.

      Global warming may be melting the polar ice but that will expose more land mass. With warmer winters thinglings will have lower heating bills. We deserve praise for that. Gluttony is GREEN!

      Perhaps we fatties should migrate to the Northern states and Canada. Our dissipated heat can keep the thinlings warm. Also, the North is far more enlightened and intellectual than the hot sickly South.

    2. Fat Bastardo says . . .

      "It's a double edged sword the CO2 thing. A 300 pounder produces double the CO2 than that 150 pounder and we . . ."

      Actually, it also depend on how physically active one is.

      A 150 pound man out jogging and running a marathon is going to take in more oxygen and put out more CO2 than a 300 pound man sitting on his fat ass and just eating and watching TV.

      Maybe we should ban sports! (Just kidding! I don't want to receive death threats from jocks and sports fans.)

      Also, there is a slower metabolic rate. Fat people do burn fewer calories per pound of body weight. That has been tested under laboratory conditions where an obese subject and a thin subject were placed in separate sealed rooms, and the amount of CO2 put out was different.

      While the larger subject did put out more CO2, when compared to the thinner subject, it was not in proportion to body weight, indicating that the fatter subject put out less CO2 per pound of body weight than the thinner subject. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat.

      I saw this experiment conducted on The Discovery Channel about 5 years ago. I will need to do a Google search on this.

      Now if some moronic right-wing fuck-tard suggest that we should kill all larger people anyway to stop global warming, then we might as well just kill all the adults and allow only children to live, then we just kill them when they become adults! But, after they have had children, to keep the human race going. Right?

      YEAH RIGHT!!!

      Oh! Shades of Logan's Run!!!

      Nah! Let's just ban sports and too much physical activity!

      We need to all sit down, hit the books, study more science and math, and maybe come up with a smart solution to the climate crises.

      Oh! And eating fat is actually good for the brain.

      Another university study was done, and students who snacked on potato chips while doing homework actually scored higher on their tests that those who either didn't snacked or only ate carrot sticks.

      The human brain is made up of fat.

      I read a science article a few years ago titled "No Offense, But You Have A Fat Head" and later on I'll do a Google search for it.

      So, we are all fat heads.

    3. When Dr Bear is in da house the scientific facts just keep on coming!

      Good point about the CO-2. Body builders burn a fucking lot more calories than us fatties and they don't weigh as much and the eat more than we do.

      I agree ban most sports. Poker, golf if a cart is used, competitive eating, pool, video game should be allowed and maybe include baseball because you can sit in the dugout and take a nap.

  4. Hey Fat Bastard, I love this blog but I have missed the commentary of Teddy Bear. I am so happy that Teddy made a comment.

    1. When every we need expertise Dr Bear is our go to guy. Teddy is a certified genius and he has papers to prove it!

      Also, Teddy is not some one trick pony. Not only is he the world's fattest astronomer he is also a great cartoonist, educator, social critic, blogger, accomplished singer (the best singers are fat)political activist, vlogger ect..


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