Monday, October 14, 2013

Obamacare and the Medical Device Tax

You read that right. Give the Republicans the medical device tax during these hostage negotiations. The medical device tax will not increase tax revenue and here's why. Corporations don't pay taxes. Corporate taxes are passed along to the consumer so the medical device tax will be just another pass along and it'll probably be used as some sort of a write off for the corporation. It will eventually end up costing consumers more.
Unfortunately for American taxpayers America is no longer a democracy. America really is a corpocracy. Corporations run America and most of the world but of all the corporations in the various industries medical corporations are the most sinister and do the most harm to humanity. Corporations are untaxable. Corporations for all practical purposes tax exempt. With that being the case we may as well eliminate the corporate tax entirely.

Corporations are in truth evil entities. Some behave ethically and lawfully but many don't. Medical corporations e.g. the pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, medical testing laboratories and corporate hospitals are responsible for more death and injury than all the other corporations combined. 

Mitt Romney once said that corporations are people so if that's the case and people corporations. The Supreme Court pretty much ruled that corporations have the constitutional protection for free speech which is allowing them to finance political campaigns and run political advertising. Corporations have constitutionally protected rights but they are immune from prosecution. When the actions of the corporation kill and maim like in the case of medical corporations that kill about 2 million Americans each year; the corporation cannot be sent to jail or put to death. About all that happens is they get fined. If corporations are people that would follow that people are also corporations. Just file the paperwork and you to can become corporation and exempt from the rule of law and will also be for all practical purposes tax exempt.

The Republicans or should I say today's Republicans simply hate the very idea of government and the rule of law. That is probably why the Republican brain and the criminal brain are pretty much identical. Criminals hate the law and do everything they can to thwart the law. Criminals will twist the law and completely ignore the spirit of the law. So in thought and deed today's Republicans criminals because they have minds of criminals. If we had a justice system that pure and immune from corruption the heads of these criminal corporations would be brought to justice but typical of organized crime these corporations own the justice system just like the Mafia owned police forces and the Mexican drug cartels own most of the Mexican criminal justice system. In an ideal world with people who are above reproach corporate gangsters would be thrown in jail but we're living in the real world where money and threats control nearly everyone. Even the most well-meaning public servant is not immune to the power of the corporate gangster. The corporate gangsters and banksters held American taxpayers hostage in 2008 when they crashed the economy and drained trillions of dollars from the pensions of hard-working Americans. That's how it works when you own the best government money can buy.

Now do you see why the medical device tax is really a bad idea? Very little of what has been going on for the past 20 years has been about political ideology. When you don't know the why of something simply follow the money and then you'll know why.

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  1. Hey, awesome. I love that you're using my Mitt Romney / quote graphic. I wish you had credited me, though.


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