Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Texas Should Secede

Texas sucks! Look at the fact that they elected GW Bush and Rick Perry as governors and elected slime like Tom Delay, Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert to congress and the senate.

Texans are assholes and since everything is big in Texas, Texans are the biggest assholes. Texans are always threatening to secede and decent Americans would like to see these turds that dropped out of a tall cows as to GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA!

I wrote this because Houston Texans fans cheered the injury of their own QB Matt Schaub. In typical Texas style they are more concerned about winning their illegal bets than they are about the well being of another human being.

It angered his teammates.

Linebacker Brian Cushing called it "barbaric." Backup quarterback T.J. Yates' face darkened immediately when asked about it. Left tackle Duane Brown called certain fans' behavior "disgusting." Receiver Andre Johnson said it was a sign of "no class."

Texas, we don't want it and we don't it!

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  1. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    Sorry for having posted this twice. The first time I posted under the wrong blog article.

    OK . . . First of all, I don't want Texas to secede. Because I live in Texas, and I would lose my monthly Social Security and SSI checks, and my Medicare/Medicaid, and I would die in the streets.

    I'm 62 years old, GOD DAMN IT!

    I have to get around in a JAZZY power chair because of the arthritis in my knees and ankles.

    Also, Texas would become a Christian theocracy, as depicted in the comic book series AFTER TWILIGHT, a series of 6 books depicting Texas in the year 2022 after Texas had seceded from the USA.

    There would be torture, and rape victims would be stoned to death for adultery, and people would be burned alive.

    My science books would be confiscated and burned, and I might end up in prison to get beaten and tortured in the name of Jesus Fucking Christ!

    Public libraries would get shut down, and the Internet would be forbidden.

    Yeah! Those bibliophobic Republicans fear books and the Internet.

    If Texas secedes, I won't be able to afford to move out of the state.

    Not unless you and some of the rich members of this blog, like Bellyboy, etc. etc. could help me move out into another state, a blue state. Maybe back up to Minnesota again, I don't know yet.

    OK, El Paso County is a blue county in Texas, and recently, a few more states have turned blue, while most of Texas is still red.

    Maybe, after the 2014 mid term election, we Democrats might be able to turn Texas blue, or and least push it toward the middle to become a swing state.

    Then, in the 2016 Presidential election (I hope Hillery Clinton wins) we might turn Texas blue.

    But, if Texas secedes, I will probably be dead within a year afterward, because I'm not a Christian, I don't go to church, and I read too many science books.


    Teddy Bear

    1. If Texas secedes and since you are a true patriotic American the blue state will welcome you with open arms. A lot of good folks will be in deep shit if Texas secedes but I suspect that the Mexicans will invade and liberate the oppressed poor of Texas.

      Texas may become blue in populace but with the Gerrymandering it comes out red in the elections. Work to stop the voter suppression. Rethuglicans and Christards hate brown people.

      Texas is just stupid enough to declare war on the US. That would be a good thing because then we could wipe out all the criminals with drone attacks.

    2. Fat Bastardo says . . .

      "Texas is just stupid enough to declare war on the US. That would be a good thing because then we could wipe out all the criminals with drone attacks."

      Well, I know the drones are very accurate. They have spy cameras that can read the fine print on a crooked contract from 100 miles away!

      So, I know that their drone won't target someone like me in a JAZZY power chair, or an elderly person in a wheelchair using or a walker or a cane, and the drones won't target innocent women and children.

      The drones can very accurately target our crooked politicians, and leave us common people untouched.

      It would be a surgical strike.

      Of course, the USA might even send some Army troops into Texas.

      GOOD! Because if I see any USA Army troops marching into El Paso where I live, I will have a white flag of surrender on my JAZZY power chair and I will be waving a blue flag with Obama's name and face on it, and I'll be wearing my Obama hat. I'm going to see if I can order an Obama shirt that is blue.

      Now I know why, when we were kids, my mother dressed me in blues and my brother in reds. She was a very smart woman.

      Anyway . . . . .

      I will surrender to Obama's troops. I will even allow myself to be taken prisoner, and I know some crooked people in El Paso, and I will name names! I will sing!

      Being held prisoner in a blue state would be preferable than being in a future Christian death camp in a red state.

      Do a Google search on AFTER TWILIGHT and you will see what I mean.

      Teddy Bear

    3. I think that fat people will play a role in remotely piloting those drones. As America attacks the Texas national guard from the North the Mexican Army will be moving in from the South in a pincer move and they will be searching for Rick Perry, and Tom Delay.

      I think that all non Republicans will be left alone.


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