Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gay Republicans

While checking stats on the Bigger Fatter Politics dashboard I have noticed may views from a news group called Political Jack. One very interesting thread that caught my eye was a thread titled, "I'm Here, I'm Queer and I'm Republican.  It's no secret that when it comes to latent homosexuality and boy buggering, and pedophilia in general the GOP is a hot bed for all sorts of sexual perversion and sexual hypocrisy. GOP means meany thing to many people. To the righties it means Grand Old Party, to the religious right it means God's Only Party and to the sane and moral people it has come to mean Gang Of Pedophiles and Gay Old Perverts. 

Here is some excerpts from that thread. The thread was started by some pedophile calling himself Log Cabin Republican. He starts out with the following: Log Cabin Republican will be in the purple typeface and The Messiah will be in blue.

I'm. here I'm queer and a Republican so get used to it.Hello all my handle is LogCabinRepublican and I'm an openly gay conservative.
Some people ask me how I can be gay and a Republican?

Well let me just say there is more to me than just my sexuality and I believe in freedom and the constitution.

Being gay doesn't automatically mean I buy into the progressive movement. 

He is met by a religious zealot who calls himself the Messiah. Normally I don't like religious folks by the Messiah is mostly likely a Jesuit priest or some other sort of religious scholar who responds with a Colbert like post.

You know the old saying, How many Republicans can you fit into a closet? Ans... Nearly all of them.

There are a more rump wranglers in the GOP than in the Dem party. Lindsey Graham, Larry "The Fairy" Craig, Mark "Cornholey" Foley, "Ted Faggard"Haggard Bob "up and down of a dick" Allen, and Glenn "butt surf" Murphy.

The GOP most of whom are fundagelicals hate you Sodomites and would love to put you to death as per Leviticus 20:13.

I bet you like getting screwed in the ass and that is why you vote Republican.

The GOP/Gay Old Perverts don't want you. Don't believe me?

Mitt Romney’s only openly gay spokesman, Richard Grenell,
left his job with the campaign after backlash from social conservatives/Christians. Obama would have stuck his neck out for you!

Wake up Nancy, if a gay Dem ran for president and he had good ideas he might actually win the nomination. A gay GOP candidate no matter how much money he had behind him would not even win a blue state let alone a red state. Republicans hate you Sodomites more than the hate the Hammites. They would elect a Black president long before they would elect a homosexual.

A member of the peanut gallery referring to the Messiah responds:

this ones quite the conundrum for the democrats here....

you have a gay republican...
seemed like a nice guy...[what little he was allowed to say in his introduction]..

and a shit-sputtering holy homophobe democrat...

hes all yours. 

The Messiah responds:

No homophobe here junior. I am just pointing out how the False Chritians aka Republican are. They hate gays and I don't.

This rump wrangler can say whatever he wants. Nobody is stopping him. If he's a member of the GOP and gay then he is no different than an uncle Tom or a Nazi collaborator. He deserves no respect. Anyone who would sellout his own kind is a sellout.

Does the party draw closeted men because they can hide behind Republican homophobia? Or does the party promote homophobia as a political ruse while closeted men run the show? Whatever the answer, the result is routine humiliation and personal destruction. Even worse, the party’s culture of concealment encourages right-wing gay-bashing, such as Tucker Carlson’s grotesque boast that he and another adolescent thug beat up a gay man who “bothered” him in a bathroom years ago.

Males in the GOP have swallowed more "semen" than the Bermuda Triangle.


You proclaim not to be homophobic yet here you are tossing eloquent terms like rump ranger and semen sucker. This is a fine display of the lefts true feelings on display.

Just goes to show that the left does not truly support the gay community rather gays are just useful pawns to push wealth redistribution schemes.

You are a very hateful disturbed individual and I strongly encourage you to seek help.

Btw as for getting screwed in the ass that is wrong I prefer to top.  

The Messiah lower the boom with a well worded Jeremiad  

BOO HOO or should I say BOOFU?

I am not on the left Nancy. I'm with the Lord thy God. Unlike the Republicans I am not fundagelelical who would follow Levitical laws and have you put to death. Lucky for you there are people, mostly Democrats and libertarians who don't want to see this country become a theocracy. As biblical scholar I know that Jesus was also a rump wrangler. I have nothing against rump wranglers and other BV-Deviants. I know that rump wrangling is not a choice and that on can not choose to be light in the loafers. In fact, as far as politicians go I really like Barney Frank. It makes no never mind to me that he like playing the skin flute.

Secondly Nancy, you saying that my sentiments, the sentiments of one person speak for the entire Democratic party is about as dishonest as it get. The ones supporting the defense of marriage act are the gay hating Republicans.

I can give Biblical precedence for supporting gay marriage. Jesus was John's gay lover. I support gay marriage 100000000% and I do on biblical grounds and on practical grounds. If you rump wranglers and rug munchers were allowed to be open about your sexuality eventually the gay gene would vanish from the gene pool and that would be good for humanity although choreography and interior decorating would suffer.

As to lesbians: God make lesbians so the feminists would not breed.

As to your preference to being a pitcher and not a catcher you sound like the little Greek boy who ran away from home because he didn't like the way he was being "reared".

You being flag pole sitter for the baloney cavalry doesn't bother me in the least nor does your fascination for the stink hole. What bothers me is your dishonesty. Rump wrangling and tonsil jockeying is not a sin. Lying is.  


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