Friday, December 13, 2013

Cheffa Claus

Introducing Cheffa Claus by The Chef

The Chef

That crazy White Fox News ho Megan Kelly be tellin folks that Santa Claus is white and an that may be true but the fact remains that Santa Clause ain't got nothin to do with Christmas. Christmas is about the birth of the Baby Jesus who was not White. That ho Megan Kelly has been trying to say that Jesus was white.

Hey Megan, the Chef ain't sayin that he would not like to make sweet love to you as only the Chef, a proud man of color and a colorful man can do but damn girl Jesus was not a white man.
This here is my man Jesus Christ. The brotha be Black.

Let the White folks have there Santa Clause because we Black folks got Jesus.

Fat Bastardo asked me, The Chef to pontificate of this whole Black Jesus White Jesus Black Santa White Santa debate and the Chef has come up with a solution to the whole mess. The Chef would like to introduce Cheffa Claus. As we all know, Christmas is about feastin, drinkin, makin sweet love and smokin of the sticky green (for medicinal purposes only). Us Black folks are experts at cookin,  feastin, drinkin makin sweet love and enjoyin the sticky green. Cheffa Claus is the embodiment of the spirit of Christmas that don't get enough attention and that's the eatin, the drinkin, the makin sweet love and the smokin of the sticky green. For that reason I, The Chef along with the advice and encouragement of my other main man Fat Bastardo am bringing you fine folks Cheffa Claus.

As to you Miss Kelly, The Chef like watchin you on the Fox News. The Chef ain't sayin he listens to your ignorant mouth but he would like to shove his big black licorice stick of man meat into your pretty mouth if it would fit and then he'd make sweet love to you the way only a proud man of color can fuck the racist shit out of you.

As you all can plainly see, a lot of brothas would love to lay the dick to this hot & sexy snow queen. 


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