Friday, January 31, 2014

The Minimum Wage Debate

It's a no brainer. Republicans are lying sacks of shit. When it comes to minimum wage their arguments are not based in fact but then again the only statements Republicans make are fact free. Facts lead to truth and Republicans HATE truth. That's why they LIE so much.

Here is the factual truth about a minimum wage increase.

If you are a teabagger or a Republican you probably are too fucking evil to watch these videos. I hope you die of rectal cancer.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fat Tax Debate

The Fat Tax Debate: Point Counter Point with CG Brady and Fat Bastard

Many people are advocating a fat tax or a junk food tax. The following is a debate between leader of the New Fat Acceptance Movement Fat Bastard and reknowned weight loss guru CG Brady.

Is a fat tax a good idea?

CG Brady: I would support a fat tax and possibly a junk food tax. With deaths from obesity reaching nearly 500,000 per year combined with the staggering costs of obesity something clearly needs to happen.

Fat Bastard: I oppose a fat and junk food tax. Fatlings love junk food and there is no reason to tax people based on their body weight. In fact fat people are an economic stimulus and good for the economy. We consume more food, gas and medical treatment and that is good for the economy. Gluttony is good.

CG Brady: Unfortunately most of the massive consumerism does little to stimulate small businesses which are the backbone of a strong economy. The restaurants frequented by fat people for example are owned by huge corporations and they pay their employees low wages. The oil companies who benefit from the gass guzzlers that fat people drive are not good corporate citizens and seek to squash small enterprenurial energy firms. The medical industry is a mostly owned by big corporations whose way of paying taxes is to simply pass it on to the consumer. Hospital workers are poorly paid which in part accounts for the poor medical care in the US that ends up costing the consumer nearly 3 times what medical consumers pay in Europe.

Fat Bastard: This is about more than economics. Food is what America is all about. It is part of our culture. I am proud that the USA is the fattest nation on earth. A tax on what you call junk food and what I call comfort food could devistate the fragile psyches of the great American glutton. When asked about a fast food tax look what happened to this SSBBW.
The very thought of eating salads turned this SSBBW's stomach!

Gluttony is a choice and taxing comfort food or body weight limits choice and it is clearly unconstitutional.

CG Brady: Are you serious Fat Bastard about a fat tax being unconstitutional?

Fat Bastard: Gluttony is like a religion and being fat and malodorous is a form of expression. The musk of fat people says, "I'm fat and fuck you" Also we gluttons have certain dietary customs and taxing the food we customarily eat is a clear infringement on fat rights, the promotion and normalization of gluttony and obesity. A fat tax is un-American.

Fat Bastard went on to quote the following article from Slate Magazine to illustrate the economic benefits of hyper gluttony.

The United States clearly has a head start in fatonomics. Obesity is a byproduct of many complex factors, ranging from genetics to psychology. But fast-food restaurants, sugar-laden drinks, and the availability of massive quantities of cheap food have all played important roles in making Americans heavier. So with any luck, the rest of the world will be porking up soon. After all, which American companies have been forging ahead aggressively in foreign markets? McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Wal-Mart. Their expansion should not only fatten the pockets of U.S. investors, they should also help fatten the local populations. It's only a matter of decades before China and India start to lose their battles with the bulge. And where will they look for quack potions and expensive surgeries?

CG Brady: Come now Fat Bastard. You wrote an article on Bigger Fatter Blog called Save the Thinlings. In that article you explained how and why by 2020 the US will be too fat bound to function. You pointed out how out military and public safety is compromised. You are worried about who's going to service all the fatlings. Your fantasy girlfriend MeMe Roth rightly pointed out that by 2020 the US will be so fat bound that we will be too fat to function. Former US Surgeon General Dr Richard Carmona sees obesity as a greater threat to the national security of the US than Islamic terrorism.
Would you want some fat cop like this guy protecting you?

Fat Bastard: Fatlings make great cops. So what they can't run? That's why they have police dogs. More importantly fat cops are more intimidating.
Who would strike more fear in the mind of a criminal? The cop in the left or the one on the right?

Moderator: If they do pass a fat tax of weight how do you think it will work?

CG Brady: I suppose it will be based on BMI and start at a 25 BMI or higher. I don't think that would go far enough because millions fat people are disabled due to their weight so I think a junk food tax would create revenue and maybe keep the morbidly obese a bit healthier. I think a dollar per pound on the federal tax would generate revenue and I think that it should extend to the children of fatlings. Let's say we have a family whose combined weight is 300 pounds over the limit then their tax bill should be three hundred dollars but perhaps a better way would be to provide a tax cut to thinlings who keep their BMI under 25.

Fat Bastard: If Dr Brady's proposals were ever instituted there would be riots in cyberspace. The fatosphere would be ablaze with outrage.

Moderator: Would a junk food tax promote healthy eating?

CG Brady: It might but I suspect in the long run fatlings would breakdown and pay a little extra for their usual kibble. A better solution would be to restrict that foods can be purchased with food stamps to non junk food foods.,-you-can-stop-looking-at-it.jpg
Gratuitous images of SSBBWs  for Proud FA.

Fat Bastard: Leave it to a socialist like CG Brady to allow the government to dictate what people can or cannot eat. Eliminating comfort food purchases with food stamps is another step towards socialism. It could tear at the very fabric of our society. Keep government's hands off my social security disability and my food stamps.
Fat people soon will be joining the tea party movement.

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Fat Bastard and Proud FA debate who's better in bed, fat girls or skinny bitches.

Rand Paul Is a Liar

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    We all thought that Chris Christie was on of those rare Republicans who wasn't a crook, liar and a fucking asshole. We got fooled.  I defended Christie against Rand Paul's ugly fat hatred but I almost wish I hadn't.  It's a sure bet that Rand Paul has lost the fat vote.
    Fat men hate liars and that's why we don't lie about the fact that we are gluttons the way fat girls do. 
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The Problem With Obama Care

Obama Care is nothing more than a giveaway to the insurance companies. It forces people to buy health insurance that will pay for the worst health care in the industrialized world. Obamacare sucks.

Obamacare is giving public and private money to doctors and insurance companies.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Chris Christie Scandal

I was just hoping that there would be a miracle and by a miracle I mean an honest, moral and sane Republican. What made Christie even more impressive is that we thought he was one of us - a loud mouthed fat ass who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. As I have pointed out in several op eds, fat men make the best presidents e.g. Bill Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. Christie's recent criminal and moronic activity have not only destroyed his presidential hopes and political career they have broken the hearts of fatlings everywhere.