Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Rebuttal by CG Brady

Bigger Fatter Politics is the most visited fat acceptance site of all time but when I Fat Bastardo posted a Fat Tax cyber debate between CG Brady and me Fat Bastardo I suspect that the servers at Google melted. One of our long time contributors to Bigger Fatter Politics Dr Gerald "Teddy" Bear took great umbrage at the comments made by CG Brady. Knowing that a fat tax or obesity is not only a hot button issue but a socially important issue, I Fat Bastardo will continue a series of discussion on this subject. The following is a rebuttal from CG Brady.

A Rebuttal to Fat Bastardo's Assertions that Obesity and Gluttony is An Economic Stimulus

Fat Bastardo asserts that gluttony is good for the economy because it creates so much more bussiness and increases sales of nearly every resource. That would be true if we were exporting these resources to other obese country but the greatest consumption by American  fatlings is food and medical care. The US medical system is a huge drain on our economy and the biggest perpetrator of fraud of all other American industries combined. In fact Blue Cross Blue Shield reports that 33% of every dollar spent on healthcare in the US goes to cover waste and fraud.

FOOD! Most of the food consumed in the US is consumed by fat people. Do the math Bastardo. 75% of Americans are fat or obese. The average fatling consumes twice as much as the average healthy sized person. Because of this over consumption America is importing more and more food. Trade deficits wreck economies.

Low wages! The food industry in the US is huge but they pay their workers poorly. They millions of low paying food jobs hurts the economy.

Absenteeism! Fat people get sick more often and have more sick days. Lower production hurts the US economy.

Presenteeism! Fat people while at work are simply less productive.

Sloth and Gluttony are Choices

Everything a fatling crams into his or her pie hole is a CHOICE. Sure there are a lot of greedy food companies working hand in hand with the medical and drug industry but is all boils down to one undeniable fact. What you put in your shopping cart, order at a restaurant and eventually shove into your pie hole is a choice. When it comes to feeding themselves fat people are just plain irresponsible.

I see you fatlings in your power scooters rooting around Walmart and when your shopping for your pig food is over you waddle to your car. I see you with a caravan of shopping carts being pushed by your chubby and dirty kids.

When fatlings blame their sloth and gluttony on anything and everything but themselves it certainly calls in to questions their character. Sloth greed and gluttony is what ended the Roman Empire and the US will meet the same tragic fate.

To my detractors:

What anti obesity advocates say is unpopular because the truth hurts. We get accused of being Nazis, fat haters, racists, right wingers, Republicans, tea baggers, evil ect ect ect... but the truth is we are telling the truth and offering opinions based on fact. The very types of people that we get accused of being i.e. Nazis, fat haters, racists, right wingers, Republicans, tea baggers, ect are almost always fat!

It's said but true, many fat people are big babies.

They eat themselves into infirmities and then cry about it and blame everything and everyone.

They eat themselves into ugliness and then go out and hate attractive people.

They eat themselves into immobility and with maniacal hate they launch vitriolic rants against people who are athletic and fit.

Fast Fat Facts: Economic Costs of Obesity


Healthcare Costs

  • Obesity-related medical treatment costs between $147 and $210 billion a year, or nearly 10 percent of all annual medical spending (based on 2006 data). The majority of the spending is generated from treating obesity-related diseases such as diabetes.1 Of the $147 billion, Medicare and Medicaid are responsible for $61.8 billion. Medicare and Medicaid spending would be 8.5 percent and 11.8 percent lower, respectively, in the absence of obesity.2 Obese people spend 42 percent more on healthcare costs than healthyweight people.3
  • Childhood obesity alone is responsible for $14.1 billion in direct costs.4
  • Annually, the average total health expenses for a child treated for obesity under Medicaid is $6,730, while the average health cost for all children covered by Medicaid is $2,446. The average total health expenses for a child treated for obesity under private insurance is $3,743, while the average health cost for all children covered by private insurance is $1,108.5
  • Hospitalizations of children and youths with a diagnosis of obesity nearly doubled between 1999 and 2005, while total costs for children and youths with obesity-related hospitalizations increased from $125.9 million in 2001 to $237.6 million in 2005, measured in 2005 dollars.6
  • In California alone, the economic costs of overweight, obesity and physical inactivity are estimated to cost $41 billion a year.7

Decreased Worker Productivity and Increased Absenteeism

  • Obesity-related job absenteeism costs $4.3 billion annually.8
  • Obesity is associated with lower productivity while at work (presenteeism), which costs employers $506 per obese worker per year.9
  • As a person's BMI increases, so do the number of sick days, medical claims and healthcare costs associated with that person.10

Higher Workers' Compensation Claims

  • A number of studies have shown obese workers have higher workers' compensation claims.11,12,13,14,15,16
  • Obese employees had $51,091 in medical claims costs per 100 full-time employees, costs for medical claims for healthy-weight workers was $7,503. And obese workers had $59,178 in indemnity claims costs per 100 full-time employees; healthy-weight indemnity claims cost $5,396.17

Health and Emergency Safety Costs

  • Emergency responders and healthcare providers face unique challenges in transporting and treating the heaviest patients. According to one study, the number of severely obese (BMI ≥ 40) patients quadrupled between 1986 and 2000 from one in 200 to one in 50. The number of super-obese (BMI ≥ 50) patients grew by a factor of five, from one in 2,000 to one in 400.18
  • A typical ambulance outfitted with equipment and two emergency medical technicians (EMTs) that can transport a 400-pound patient costs $70,000. A specially outfitted bariatric ambulance that can transport patients weighing up to 1,000 pounds costs $110,000.19
  • A standard hospital bed can hold 500 pounds and costs $1,000. A bariatric hospital bed that can hold up to 1,000 pounds costs $4,000.20

Where Is This Money Going and to Whom?

This one is a no brainer. The only people reaping rewards from the gluttony bloom and the fat bonanza are the greedy corporations. Is that good for the US economy? NO!


  1. CG Brady says . . . . .

    [Quote] "I see you with a caravan of shopping carts being pushed by your chubby and dirty kids."[End Quote]

    WOW! Now that's a stereotypical ad-homonym attack if ever I heard one!

    I shop at my local Walmart, and at Albertsons here in El Paso, Texas. And while I do see a lot of fat people, I haven't seen anyone pushing "caravan of shopping carts" on the way to their cars.

    I usually see one, or sometimes two shopping carts per family, but most of the time, only one shopping cart per family.

    Come on! Let's be realistic here! OK?

    Also, I resent the comment "chubby and dirty kids"!

    Yes, I see chubby kids, but I have not seen any dirty kids when I have been out shopping. Their kids are all wearing clean clothes, and I have never seen any kids misbehaving while I was shopping, except the occasional crying baby, but that's normal.

    Also, I see a lot of senior citizens, elderly men and women, old people who are in their 70s and 80s who are fat, yet, they're in their 70s and 80s.

    Yeah! Old people who are fat! Amazing! Eh?

    OK, let me tell you what I usually buy when I'm out shopping for groceries.

    I don't stock up on junk foods. First I get some meat, ground beef, and some packages of chicken, and some extra-sharp cheddar cheese.

    Then I go to the vegetables.

    OK, here is where I have to disagree with Fat Bastardo when he says "vegetables is what food eats" sorry, I have to disagree with that.

    Anyway . . . . .

    I get red and yellow onions, carrots, celery, broccoli, a bag of potatoes, and canned peeled tomatoes and tomato puree, because regular tomatoes cost more. I also get a couple of jars of pickled Nopalitos. That's cactus. And if they have yucca root, I also get that.

    Yeah! Good things from the great southwestern desert. You should come here and try it sometime.

    And I also get some cans of red beets, either whole or sliced.

    Then I get a great big jar of Mount Olive Kosher Dill Pickles.

    And then, I go to BIG 8 to get fresh fruit, usually some pears, apples, a couple of pineapples, some peaches or plums, whatever is in season. Then I get either red or green tunas. That's cactus fruit.

    Yeah, I know tunas are fish, but tunas are also cactus fruit.

    Tuna is the Spanish word for cactus fruit, and atĂșn is the Spanish word for tuna fish. OK?

    Then I get some loaves of whole wheat bread. White bread sucks!

    And then, if I want something that's kind of junky, I'll get a bag of chips.

    So, sue me!

    Now, getting back to your comment about "chubby and dirty kids" again.

    I take it that you think all fat people are dirty slobs.

    NO! I take a shower every morning when I get up.

    OK, I have seen some dirty people when I go out shopping. Usually some wino or someone strung out on dope or whatever heading for the Night Train, or some other cheap crappy wine. And they're usually skinny and wasted away.

    Anyway . . . . .

    Yeah, I admit I'm a glutton! OK?

    But, I don't eat a lot of crappy junk foods. I get plenty of vegetables, and I make sure to get enough fiber in my diet.

    That's probably why I don't have high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

    OK, CG Brady! Go ahead and call me a liar!

    You know you want to!

    1. Since this in my article I will whip your butt again Teddy.

      We all see these smelly fat people in their Walmart scooters with a pod of dirty fat kids pushing their carts and fetching junk food and candy. It's disgusting.

      As to you eating "plenty" of vegetables you have lost so much credibility that nobody believes you unless you are referring to McDonalds fries and Ketchup.

      Teddy you are super morbidly obese and you did not get that way by eating healthy and anyone with a brain knows that.

      I am glad to hear that you admit that you are a glutton. All fat people are gluttons. Finally you have said something we all know is the truth. Now we are getting somewhere.

      If your gluttony is like the gluttony of Fat Bastard then you are eating solely for the pleasure of food and you are not self medicating with food. If on the other hand you are eating for emotional reasons then you have a problem. Fat Bastard is wise, very wise. He was opined with the idea that angry fat girls are angry because they can't handle being fat. I suspect that you deep down don't want to be fat.

      Your eating is not about gourmandizing but rather it is self-medicating and slow suicide. Your lashing out at me because of my opinion tells me that you have severe anger issues. You are repressing your anger with food. That anger stems from your perception real or imagined that people have not and are not treating you right. Your coping mechanism is food and that would not be so bad if food solved the problem but sadly food only salves the hurt you are feeling. It only salves your free floating anxiety. You are not like most fat people. You really are eating for emotional reasons but sadly the food is not solving the problem.

      Fat Bastard thinks very highly of you and he too is concerned about you as am I. In the strictest sense of the word you are NOT a glutton. You medicate with food. This constant salving with food and smoke has made it so you are not addressing the problem. Think of it like this. Someone has a tooth ache and their doctor given them pain medication and tell them to use it until they can get to a dentist but instead the patients takes the pain meds and neglects the decaying tooth. It's a bad scenario.

      I am not one of these idiots that says anger is a bad thing but internalized or misdirected anger is a bad thing. The only way for you to deal with your issues (and btw I don't think they are as serious as you have been led to believe) you need to stop the self medicating.

      Whether or not you were actually traumatized the why you said you were is a moot point. The fact that you believe it makes it true for you. Perception is reality. Either way, you can overcome it and excise those demons. If you would like I can provide you with the tools to do it.

      Teddy, part of what I do is confront irrationality. It's not always pretty and it can bring out anger and in your case you need to direct the anger in the right direction.

      I think that you would have a much more fulfilling life if you dealt with these issues and got to a healthy weight. It is withing your power to do that. Fat Bastard tells me that you are a top rate cartoonist and a great educator. Wouldn't it be nice if more people knew that?

      Don't let the bullies win.

    2. CG Brady says . . . . .

      [Quote]"As to you eating 'plenty' of vegetables you have lost so much credibility that nobody believes you unless you are referring to McDonalds fries and Ketchup".

      NO! I don't think ketchup is a vegetable! I'm not a republican!

      By the way, a tomato is not a vegetable, it's actually a fruit, a berry. Also a banana in not a fruit, it's actually an herb.

      And I don't use ketchup. I use Picanti sause or Salsa. Ketchup is for Kindergarteners.

      And also, I have boycotted McDonalds because their employees are underpaid. Their employes have been told not to heat their homes during the winter, and to eat less, when their kids are going to bed hungry.

      And again, when I go out, I don't see lots and lots an lots of dirty kids in the stores, fat or otherwise, and I have never seen long caravans of shopping carts. Most families are pushing just one cart, and sometime two carts, but never have I ever seen a caravan of shopping carts.

      And I do eat vegetables. I like anything Republicans hate.

      Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, he's a peanut farmer, and he likes peanuts. Peanuts are a healthy wholesome snack. Of course, if your allergic to peanuts, then you shouldn't eat them.

      Ronald Reagan likes jelly beans. Well, jelly beans are OK sometimes, but I prefer peanuts.

      Papa Bush hated broccoli, and Baby Bush, that moron, nearly choked to death while eating a small bag of pretzels. He should have taken them out of the bag first. Idiot!!!

      And Michele Bachmann, who once said that black families were better off under slavery, she hates red beets.

      Oh! And some Republican retard in Wisconsin, the Dairy State, said that extra-sharp cheddar cheese is junk food.

      So, just what is it with Republicans when it comes to food? Eh?

      No, I learned to appreciate vegetables when I was a kid. We had vegetables with every meal. When we had red beets, I always liked to drink the dark red beet juice.

      So, I like anything Republicans hate, like broccoli, and red beets, and science and reading books.

      My mother was well educated. She taught me how to read and write before I even started school. By the time I was only in the third grade, I could already read at high school and adult level.

      When I was 13 years old, I scored 150 points on a standard IQ test. I think the reason why I was bullied around in school was because they were scared to death of me. They were cowards.

      OK! OK! You win! You're right!

      All fat people are dirty, and people who don't like sports are sissies who need to "man up" and I eat nothing but Little Debby Fudge Brownies all day long!

      Oh! And I go into diabetic comas twice each day and thrice on Sundays, and I get heart attacks twice each month and thrice in Decembers!

      And my blood pressure is so high it rings the bell, and my blood is so thick from cholesterol that it oozes like molasses!

      Is that what you want to hear???

      YEAH RIGHT!!!

      I was trying to be polite, but you can forget that!


  2. Teddy you started off all nice and civil then you added you got nasty and childish. You imparted some interesting trivia about bananas and tomatoes. As a nutritional expert I knew that a tomato is considered a fruit. But I am the nutritionist here and a banana (the yellow thing you peel and eat) is undoubtedly a fruit (containing the seeds of the plant: see 'Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?), though since commercially grown banana plants are sterile, the seeds are reduced to little specks. The banana plant is called a 'banana tree' in popular use, but it's technically regarded as a herbaceous plant (or 'herb'), not a tree, because the stem does not contain true woody tissue.

    The banana is a fruit that is produced by a plant that is an herb.

    In your attack on me you insulted the millions of Americans who enjoy and use ketchup. If you knew anything about cooking you would know that ketchup, particularly homemade Ketchup or catsup is a well respected condiment among chefs and cooks. In your right wing reactionary knee jerk uncontrolled impulse to attack me you attack every ketchup lover in the US including the wife of John Kerry. Yep, you are a Republican.

    The red states are infested with Republicans and the red states have the highest obesity rates. You live in a red state. Your maniacal hatred for Republican is really self hate because everything you claim you are not you really are. Your thin veneer of progressivism has many cracks in it.

    You prefer peanuts to jelly beans and you think it is because Reagan liked jelly beans and Carter grew peanuts. But the truth is, elephants love peanuts and the symbol of the GOP is an elephant.

    The evidence keep mounting Teddy, you are a closet Republican. I am just using your logic. Does food preference correlate to their politics? Perhaps. Southerners are fat unhealthy inbreds and they eat mostly fattening foods same as you. They are mostly Republicans.

    You make another absurd statement: "When I was 13 years old, I scored 150 points on a standard IQ test. I think the reason why I was bullied around in school was because they were scared to death of me. They were cowards."

    Bullies don't pick on people that they fear. You got shit in school because you most likely brought in on yourself. You didn't get shit because you scored high on an IQ test. In our school our president of student counsel was the fattest kid in the school he was also valedictorian. The year before that the class president and student counsel president was a dwarf. They never got picked on and the did not get picked on because they weren't assholes. Assholes get shit. i.e. you got shit. You give shit you get shit.

    The fact is, a lot of fatties are pussy wumps. There are exceptions like Butterbean and Fat Bastard but most fat guys are simps and wimps. Most fat guys are Nancy boys. Fat Bastard outweighs Proud FA by over 150 pounds but Fat Bastard is man enough to admit that Proud FA can easily kick his ass.

    You can continue the denial fest but it won't change reality,


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