Saturday, February 15, 2014

Butt Hurt Report Form

Because Bigger Fatter Politics gives it to you straight and tells in like it is some of you may get butt hurt. If you feel you have been butt hurt I, Fat Bastardo As the Pharaoh of Fatness and as an ambassador for the true Belly God consciousness I have compassion for the chronically stupid, the perpetually inbred, the delusional, the brainwashed and the reactionaries who spout the mindless and often venomous drivel. With that in mind, I, Fat Bastardo, The Pastor of Paunch, The Chancellor of Chub, The Grand Duke of Gourmands, The God if Gluttony, The Monarch of Mealtime,  the light of lights, the bringer of truth, the Prince of Principles, The Count of Accountability, The Viceroy of Virtue, The Duke of Do the Right Thing, The Czar of Zingers, The Judge of Justice, The Pontiff of Prudence, The Duke of Diligence, The Master of Mercy, The Chairman of Charity, The Baron of Bacon, The Emperor of Empathy, The Prelate of Pudgy, The Deacon of Doughnuts, The Earl of Everything Tasty, The Lord of Liberty, The Arch Angel of Astuteness, The Captain Crunch of Comprehension, The Pope of the Pigout, The Wizard of Wisdom, The Rabbi of Reason, The Rosh HaYeshiva of Reality, and the Pharaoh of Fairness offers this complaint form for all you big baby lying RethugliCONS. encourage you to fill out the following form.

This is a standard form but soon we will have a Tea Party/Republican Butthurt Report Form for those of you who are barely literate and factually and emotionally challenged.


  1. Shouldn't Frothy's Picture be on the box?

  2. haha so how butthurt are you lately xD


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