Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clay Aiken To Run For Congress

I have poked fun at Clay "My Ass is Achin" Aken because I like his competitor Ruben the Stud Studdard better but while Clay may be into ass play he's not an asshole. Clay sees how the citizens of North Carolina are getting ass fucked by the Gerrymandering Republicans so for that reason Bigger Fatter Politics is endorsing Clay Aiken for Congress.

We will be contacting Ruben "the sandwich" Studdard for his comments. We suspect that Studdard will also endorse Aiken.

Lindsey the Gay Graham Cracker
There are those of you who may think that North Carolina won't elect Aiken because he's light in the loafers but but keep in mind, South Carolina voters keep electing that lying Republican fudge packer and tonsil jockey Lindsey Graham who is queerer that a three dollar bill so  that being the case I can see no reason for why North Carolina won't elect a rump ranger like Clay (my ass is achin) Aiken other than the fact he's not a lying sack of shit Republican boy buggerer and not crazier than a shit house rat.

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