Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Debate Right Wing Christians

I goes without saying that righties are blantant liars but the are also ignorant and intellectually lazy as well as being quite delusional. The to trap a liar is with that liar's own words or with the words he repeats from another liar and this case that liar is the Bible or God.

The Bible is collection of 66 books that span about 1600 years or more. Turns out God is very slow writer along with being an asshole. The Bible is 99% warped family values,   absurdity, cruelty, intolerance, injustice, contradictions, gay bashing  and misogyny which is everything the Republicans are. Use their own words and fact free statements against them. Show them how purely evil their ego maniacal God truly is. Lean their play book and destroy them with it.

Click the links provided and learn the truth about true Christian values.

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