Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blacks Mentally Healthiest That's Why They Vote Democrat

This is why Blacks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. It's a no brainer that Republicans are crazier than shithouse rats. They prove it everyday. The mentally healthiest people voting for Democrats is just more evidence that Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong.

Blacks have higher rates of complete mental health—flourishing and free of mental illness—than Whites. This finding is paradoxical insofar as Blacks, compared with Whites, face greater levels of social inequality and discrimination that explain much, and sometimes all, of the Black disadvantage in terms of premature mortality and physical disease.
Blacks have more mental toughness!

Although inequality and discrimination increase the risk of physical morbidity among Blacks
they do not entirely suppress the chances of positive mental health in Blacks.
In fact, before making any statistical adjustments in socio-demographic variables, about 27% more Blacks than Whites are flourishing and free of mental disorder. When perceived discrimination is entered into regression models with relevant covariates(e.g., educational attainment), the gap increases between Blacks and Whites on 12 of the 13 signs of flourishing. Thus, were it not for social inequalities in general and discrimination in particular Blacks would have even better mental health than Whites. Discrimination, in short, suppresses Blacks’ potential to fully flourish in life.

Notwithstanding exposure to discrimination and dramatic social inequalities, Blacks exhibit resilience in mental health.


There you have it CONS and other racists. You have not broken the spirit of our Black brothers and sisters. All you CONS do is look dumb and dumber.


  1. think about this one saidMay 11, 2014 at 3:28 AM

    Don't you wish this were true! Explain the brutal murders and the FACT that not one elderly black woman has been raped by a white man. Now on the other hand you blacks will rape women well into their 90's and your talking about mental health. Like I said fatso your dreaming of chicken and melons again with this post. Black men have the highest rate of rapes than any other racial group yet you clasping on to some B.S. post like this.

    1. Look at the science loser.. Science means knowledge and you are a racist Republican pedophile with a brain smaller than your small dick. You live on ignorance. I hope you die of rectal cancer.

    2. When was the last time a Black shot up an elementary school or bombed a federal building with a nursery full of kids in it?

      Mass shootings are almost always done by whites.

    3. Dead racists tell no lies!

      These right wing Christian hate mongers hate the fact that Blacks have better mental health than Whites. I drives them bullshit that Blacks dominate track and field too. But what really freaks them out is how their mothers and daughters and sisters crave Black cock.

    4. I know that fat White women make fools of themselves chasing after Black men.

  2. Not true - in Africa mad blacks wander about everywhere, And in addition in SA where there is a little more civilization the madhouses are full of loony black.

    As with all black statistics is not your strong point. Because of the ratio in the US there should be roughly 1 mad black for every 10 mad whites. So your unsophisticated observations see more mad whites.

    Since blacks are closer to animals - whites are just more sophisticated machines - one could argue that more things could go wrong.

    Let's face it if aliens came to earth and saw what whites have achieved and compares that to what blacks have achieved they'd conclude that blacks are just another animal from Africa.

    Even the tools you use to put out a web page are - gasp - done by whites. Sad to have IQ envy so you come up with this crap.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Here is the Minnesota Transactional Adoption Study

      When you right wing cons are through choking on Rush Limbaugh's cock choke on some science.


    4. I love it! I suckered a Fox News parroting dick sucking racist Christian pedophile Republican who cannot even post a single scientific fact and who cannot create a grammatically correct sentence into reading this and posting his usual lies and fact free statements!

      Click the link to the study and then get someone with a triple digit IQ to explain it to you.

      The fact is, all the collected psychometric data sets point to the same conclusions. BLACKS ARE MENTALLY HEALTHIER THAN WHITES! SUCK ON THAT LOSER!

      When Blacks are adopted into White families their IQ are IDENTICAL to White kids.

      Run along now and guzzle some more Rush Limbaugh sperm and throw a brick at the TV when another Black wins on Jeopardy! OOOPS I forgot, White trash like you does not watch Jeopardy. Trash like you watches reruns of Dukes of Hazzard and sometimes even that bounces off your pea sized brain!

      And BTW, dumb fuck, I'm White! You must have mistaken me for that big fat Black guy who fucks your mother and your sister when YOU are not fucking them.

  3. um fat bastardo, was it white men that sold blacks into slavery or was it their black brethren?
    is boko haram a white man's muslim terrorist group attempting to sell kidnapped CHILDREN into the sex trade or white men?
    and if blacks are soooo sane, why are there so many MURDERS in chicago and every black enclave in the US?
    you can WISH all you like, but the facts of life, do NOT bear out your quoted voodoo science of LIES!
    no matter how much lipstick you slap on this pig in an INSANE attempt to make it prettier, it will always be a pig

    1. Desertspeaks From His Ass,

      Christian Whites went to Africa and captured and bought slaves and then sold them to slave owners. Christians suck a lot of dick and the further South and further to the right they are the more dick they suck. Thankfully it was decent people from the North who liberated these Africans because they believed what the Declaration of Independence where it says, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and that THEY WERE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.... You right wing fucks think that is from the Constitution.

      Speaking of religious terrorists try reading the history of your own KKK?

      Because you are a latent homo boy buggerer you have not been able to post anything factual.

      Speaking of pigs how's your mother and sister?

      BTW asshole white Christians killed maimed and raped Africans since the 1600's.

      The filthiest and most sin and crime ridden part of the country is the Bible belt. Compare any state in the bible belt with NYS which has an 11% Black population and you will see that the Liberal NYS . Compare Texas with NY on murder, divorce, teen pregnancy, rape and you will see that Texas is a filthy sewer.

      I appreciate you leaving your IP. I will be forwarding it to the New Black Panther Party. Maybe you will get an invite to one of their BB-Qs. Pork is the other White meat.

      You are living proof that white trash fuck pigs.

    2. Desert speaksFrankly/ your simplistic,view is just ridiculous obviously the circumstances were not so simple.,And to the Author why are you lowering your standards to the racists,Yes Blacks are mentally tough that being said when we have mental issue it can be to the extreme, one wonders why considering the history, Give Peace a Chance will you haters!!

    3. I am merely reporting the vast amount of scientific and psychometric data that clearly and immutably show that of all the races Blacks are the mentally healthiest and least likely to have a drug problem. I have known that anecdotal evidence has shown that for a long time but now it has been scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      Fact: Blacks in spite of being oppressed and having their hertitage stolen from them possess a higher degree of mental health than Whites.

      FACT: Blacks have a lower incidence of substance abuse than Whites.

      Beating the shit out of racists is ALWAYS a good thing and I will get in the gutter with them if it means I can kick shit out of them. I will show them only disdain. They are lower than whale vomit and should be treated as such.

      I don't know why Blacks are mentally healthier but they are. We should find out why. I don't know why they are less likely to be drunks and druggies either. Blacks have every excuse to be but they rise above the adversity and instead of them getting an atta boy from everyone the filthy racists want to continue ti knock them down and demoralize them. I hate those sort of cowardly bullies with a passion.

      I want to see the Black culture improve by the right wing want to keep dumping shit on Blacks as if they have not had and don't get enough shit already.

  4. The Blackman is the Father of Civilization! Ever hear of Timbuktu? ! While you Europeans were
    crawling around on your all fours in the jungles of Europe we built the very
    first Universities anywhere on earth! As a matter of fact it was an Original
    Black prophet which brought you upright on your two legs out of the caves
    Gog and Magog!! Just ask any Elk, Mason or Shriner who is the father of civilization!

    1. The Natufian culture /nəˈtjuːfiən/ was an Epipaleolithic culture that existed from 13,000 to 9,800 B.C. in the Levant, a region in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was unusual in that it was sedentary, or semi-sedentary, before the introduction of agriculture. The Natufian communities are possibly the ancestors of the builders of the first Neolithic settlements of the region, which may have been the earliest in the world. There is some evidence for the deliberate cultivation of cereals, specifically rye, by the Natufian culture, at the Tell Abu Hureyra site, the site for earliest evidence of agriculture in the world. Generally, though, Natufians made use of wild cereals. Animals hunted included gazelles.

      Probably civilization was brought us by a common ancestor of all three races.

  5. Fat Bastardo, I like how you beat the shit out of the death deserving trash of the Christian right.


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