Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Men Like Curves. Only Dogs Like Bones.

Leave it to jealous fat girls to insult two groups of people in one retarded statement.

Real men like what even they want and real women don't call men dogs and other women other women bones!

Just for the fact that nasty jealous fat girls live by that motto bigoted motto I, Fat Bastardo, have decided to do some comparisons because the jealous angry fat girls need a dose of humility and reality.

If you think I'm being unfair to jealous angry fat girls, CLICK HERE and read about how our own Jenna Tallia is brutally assaulted by a pod of vicious land whales and pork beasts.  

Normal Woman
Normal Woman

Marilyn Wann Fat Acceptance Beast

Fat Acceptance Beast Marianne Kirby

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  1. youre probably a 49 year old fat gross men that masturbates looking at those pics. if you judge a woman by her thighs, then the problem is your head. those skinny bitches and fat bitches may have accomplished more than youll ever do in your life. grow up, and stop being so stupid.


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