Friday, May 9, 2014

The Main Problem With Fat Accpetance

Let's take the laws of physics; organisms cannot defy those laws so when fatties deny their gluttony they are denying their gluttony and that makes us all look foolish.

When we deny the health consequences of obesity with terms like fat and fit and HAES (Health At Every Size) we not only look foolish we look damn foolish!

When we say "fat by nature proud by choice" we look foolish and dishonest.

Gluttony is a choice and for many it is a good choice but for others it is not a good choice. Gluttony denial helps nobody.

The double standard and it reality exists. Most fat guys can't physically pork really fat girls and therefore fat girls pine for skinny guys. It is very difficult for fat guy to find a skinny girl to bone because skinny girls have high standards. It's easy for a skinny guy to get laid because fat girls are big sluts.

Most fat guys can handle the fat and that is evidenced by the fact that we don't bitch about the negative aspect of our gluttony but fat girls are always seem to be pissed about something. They are pissed about their choice of a gluttonous lifestyle yet the lack the psychological fortitude to eat the same amount of food in calories that slender women consume.

Fat guys don't have a problem with skinny guys. We pal around with them for the leftovers. In fact we don't have a problem with anyone because fat guys are jolly. Fat girls seem to have a problem with slender women, most men and each other. Since fat people are the majority fat girls need to stop portraying themselves as the tragic victims.

Fat girls need to take the good with the bad and embrace the gluttony and accept the fat. In reality, fat girls lie and they lie about their weight and about how much they cram into their greedy pie holes. Don't believe me? CLICK HERE!

The fact that men are attracted to slender women is not the result of some plot by society it is a fact of nature. Just as men are often repulsed by fat girls women are also repulsed by fat men. The difference is, we fat boys accept that scientific reality but fat girls want to blame society for the very gluttonous behavior that they love so much. It's fucking nut!

The GOOD is the food and since we can eat whatever and whenever we want that is a HUGE GOOD.

The bad is the health issues and less attractiveness.

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