Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boehner Humiliated!

BREAKING: President Obama just slammed Speaker Boehner’s threat to sue the White House.
We couldn’t agree more. But we never expected so many of you to fight back against Boehner’s lawsuit!

That’s right -- now Drmocrats are in range of hitting 200,000 donations since Boehner announced that he’s suing President Obama.

They can get there today -- while dick stroking House Republicans are holding Congressional hearings launching their lawsuit -- that would be another MAJOR endorsement of President Obama’s agenda. (AND another HUMILIATING setback for Boehner’s big lawsuit).

Listen up Boehner... now you really have something to cry about. Obama spanked you once again.


  1. This is a test.

  2. This is another test.

  3. Good morning Fat Bastardo!!!

    Guess what!!!

    I can post comments again using DISQUS!

    First I had to use my Final Uninstaller to uninstall my Mozilla Firefox, and then, I had to re-install my Mozilla Firefox, and now . . .


    Now I can get some sleep.

    Big Fat Heretic

  4. OK, this is another test.

  5. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo!!!

    Yeah! The bear is back!

    Now, together we can kick some more Republican Christian Fundie retard ass!

    Big Fat Heretic

  6. The Bastard and the Bear are once again kicking ass and taking names!

    I saw a good bumper.... Spay or Neuter your Republican! HA HA HA Love it!

  7. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

    Yeah! I found a lot of bumper sticker images.

    I'm feeling really depressed right now.

    I discovered a bunch of right-wing Christian websites embracing Geo-centrism.

    Big Fat Heretic

  8. When I am feeling down I troll Christian chat rooms. I go to the Skeptic Annotated Bible and ask them to explain certain contradictions. I am very polite but before long they are being very unChristian. I laugh my ass off.

    Here is a good tactic.

    1. Is God all knowing? They say yes.

    2. Is Jesus God? They say yes.

    3. Was Jesus all knowing when he was on earth? They say yes.

    4. Did Jesus know he would come back to life? So much for the sacrificial lamb fucking BS.

    You see, Jesus was only "dead" for 36 hours not 3 days. He knew he would ascend into heaven. He know no real harm would actually come to him. Not much of a sacrifice huh?

    When you do that in a chat a lot of people read it and they see the leaders blow a gasket. It's a great tactic.

  9. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

    Well, I have been trolling YouTube videos by Christian Geo-centrists, and calling them out on their BULLSHIT.

    One retard in particular, Malcolm Bowden, has said that no mention is ever made in our universities about the Michelson Morley experiment that was done back in the 1920, that it's been swept under the proverbial rug.

    I posted a comment under one of his video saying that I call BULLSHIT.

    Back in 1975 to 1978 when I was in college at NMSU, New Mexico State University, in Las Cruces, in my Astronomy 111 class, we talked about Einstein's General Relativity, and about the Michelson Morley experiment that was set up to prove the existence of the "aether" which was believed to be a sort of medium through which light wave propagates, just as air is a medium through which sound waves can propagate.

    Sound waves can travel through gasses or liquids, and sound vibrations can be carried by solids. But sound waves can not travel through a vacuum. That's why there is no sound in space.

    The science fiction movies and TV serials actually have it all wrong. If you were to see a spaceship explode when hit by a photon torpedo, you would not hear any sound from the explosion. Fire a canon in space, you would not hear the BOOM.

    The so-called "aether theory" was used to explain how light waves can travel through a vacuum.

    Well . . . the Michelson Morley experiment failed to prove the existence of the aether.

    Einstein's General Relativity can explain why the Michelson Morley experiment failed. The aether simply does not exist. Yet, we have Geo-centrists trying to bring back the defunct aether "theory".

    And NO! The results of the Michelson Morley experiment have not been "swept under the rug" by our universities. It is discussed in physics and astronomy classes, and you can check out any information from the libraries, and thanks to the Internet, you can to a Google search for it.

    I have read up on the Michelson Morley experiment on my own time. I knew about it when I was just a kid in grade school, because I read about in from books I checked out from the public library.

    So, it has not been "swept under the rug" as claimed by so many right-wing Christian Fundamentalists conspiracy theorists.

    Also, all hypothesis are subject to peer review, and it best to search for peer reviewed articles.

    A hypothesis must be tested, and any experiments done must be repeatable, which may or may not confirm the hypothesis, and if confirmed, you then have a workable theory.

    In science, a theory is based on observation and facts, not on guesses.

    A theory is not just a guess, or a hunch, with a college education.

    No, a theory is what explains the facts based on observation, and experimental results.

    And when you write an article based on your hypothesis and/or theory, it must be subject to peer review before it can be published. And yes, the peer review process can be brutal, not physically, but verbally brutal at times.

    Then, if it passes the peer review process, it can be published in peer reviewed science journals, and eventually into textbooks.

    But, Creationists try to bypass the peer review process, and go directly to our politicians and legislators to get their beliefs inserted into the public school science curricula.

    That's not how it done.

    Scientific theories are not passed by legislation, but by peer review.

    And so far, Creationists have refused to have their ideas subjected by peer review.

    No, they just want their beliefs to be passed by legislation.

    Big Fat Heretic

  10. Creationists are in denial and they are also intellectually lazy and dishonest and they should all get rectal cancer. They think they know what is and they spend their time trying to prove it whereas those of us with a brain and integrity state a premise or a theory and try to disprove it. If you can't disprove something then it is likely to be true.

    El of God is Hate disproves the Bible all the time. The creationist's entire premise is BS and deep down they know it but they are in ass kissing and dick sucking mode on the chance that their evil god is real. Creationists are cowards.

  11. You not only showed this fuck wad up and spit him out you chewed him up again and shit him out. After that you gave him a series of fact enemas which he shit into a his own lying mouth.

    Teddy, these Christards probably don't even believe their own BS. I bet everyone of them would fail a polygraph if asked if they really believe the shit they say.

    Here is something to hit him with other than a bag of door knobs.

    The Sixth Seal: Terror
    12I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; 13and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind. 14The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.…

    The author of Revelation the Apostle John believed that stars in the night sky were about the size of figs and could fall to earth.

    Ask this jerk off about the size of stars relative to the earth.

  12. You are owning this douchebag! I am thoroughly entertained!

  13. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo!!!

    Well, this morning, my friend dropped by, the one I had mentioned earlier, who's a social worker for the VA hospital, and who's been counseling veterans of the war in Iraq.

    Yeah! He dropped by this morning. He brought me a big jar of extra virgin olive oil from Israel, and we smoked a couple of cigars together.

    Well, I told him about this Malcolm Bowden, who lives in England, and who is a geocentrist, and who claims to know how to treat the mentally ill.

    WOW! Talk about being a jack of all trades! Or is that, jackass of all trades.

    Anyway . . .

    My friend is going to do some research on him.

    I told him, that if he does a Google search, he will find that there is more than one Malcolm Bowden out there. One is a black football player. There are at least three guys that I know of who goes by the name of Malcolm Bowden. Possibly more.

    So, if he does a Google search, he should enter [ Geocentirst Malcolm Bown ] to narrow the search parameters.

    I'm sure the UK has a medical board.

    Yeah! Together we're going to take this mother fucker down.

    I really don't give a flying fucking flying Hootenanny in Hell about his belief in Geocentricism now.

    He could believe that the moon is made of cheese for all I care. People are free to believe anything they like as long as they don't force their beliefs on other people.

    But, I'm actually more concerned about his claims as to how to treat depression and mental illness.

    He is not a licensed psychiatrist.

    This Malcolm Bowden is a fraud and a charlatan.

    And between my friend and I, we're going to take him down!!!

    Then, maybe he can teach his Geocentricism to the convicts in prison.

    But, I'm sure they'll be laughing at him.

    Prison is a rather depressing place to be in.

    So, he can provide the convicts with some amusement.

    Laughter can sometimes be good therapy.

    At least, that's what I heard some psychologists say.

    Anyway . . . . .

    This fucker is going down.

    Big Fat Heretic

  14. Malcolm Bowden is a common name in the UK. Pat Condell may have the 411 on him.

    When El is kicking Christard ass he doesn't defend science because he says science needs no defense. El's biblical expertise puts the BuyBull and Christianity into question. He puts the Christers on the defensive by using basic logic. One problem with discussing science with them is that they lie and lying is what they do best. You will never convince a liar like Bowden of anything but discrediting him the way you have been in the eyes of others is the way to go.

    Guys like BLOWden know deep down that there are full of shit but they hang on to the Pascal's wager shit and lie themselves into believing what they know is total BS just in case it is not bullshit. They are merely covering their asses with their fucked up god.

    CG is also great at calling BS and he knows the mind of the Christard zealots quite well. Christards are a dishonest bunch and CG called them "pathologically dishonest". Dishonesty is what they are. Their god is a brutal fucker yet they will say again and again and again that God is love in spite of all the evidence in their own BuyBull to the contrary. That sort of sickness is dangerous. El and I are aggressive agnostics.

  15. Good evening Fat Bastardo!

    Well, there has been no further discussion between me and Malcolm Bowden!

    I guess that coo coo bird has flown the coop!

    Or maybe he's going to cry himself to sleep every night for a couple of weeks.

    I guess he's too cowardly to face me anymore. I really don't know.

    Big Fat Heretic

  16. You wrecked that fucker! Facts are stubborn things.

    What happens with these Christly cowards is they get their asses kicked and they turn tail and run.

  17. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

    Well, I was unable to sleep last night. So, I got up early this morning and I send an E-mail to the GMC, General Medical Council, in the UK.


    Subject: Questions concerning a Malcolm Bowden, Geocentrist and unlicensed to practice psychiatry



    To whom it may concern:

    I have some questions concerning a Malcolm Bowden who resides in the UK.
    He is a Christian Fundamentalist, and a GEO-CENTRIST!!!
    But that's NOT the issue here. I could care less if he believes the moon is cheese.

    I'm an agnostic myself.

    Anyway . . . . .

    What I'm concerned about, is his claims concerning mental illness, depression, anxiety, etc. etc.

    I don't think he is a licensed clinical psychologist, or psychiatrist. He makes some really outrageous claims.

    For example: he says that anxiety, depression, etc. etc. is due to selfishness and narcissism.

    I live in El Paso, Texas, and I have a friend who is a social worker, and he presently works in the
    VA Hospital, counseling veterans of the war in Iraq.

    I need his permission to give out his name.

    My friend is Jewish, and I have known him since October or November of 1997. He has duel
    citizenship in both the USA and Israel, and he has served seven years in the Israeli Army.

    Now, he's a social worker counseling war veterans.

    I wonder, what Malcolm Bowden would say to a war veteran, home from Iraq, who suffers from
    PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or someone who has serious head injuries.

    He would probably tell these soldiers that their feelings of anxiety and depression, is due to
    selfishness and narcissism.

    Malcolm Bowden is a QUACK!!!

    And he better not be practicing medicine without a license.

    I'm concerned that he could do some really serious harm.

    Here's a link to a couple of pages on his website that I think you should check out.

    OK, I have my own mental heath issues to deal with. My doctor suspects that I have
    bipolar disorder. I had been on medications for it, Seroquel. But I had to gradually
    taper off and quit the Seroquel because of the side effects.

    In the meantime . . .

    I think this Malcolm Bowden should be checked out.

    Please let me know if you find out anything.

    Thank you.

    And of course, I added my real name, address, phone number, and E-mail address which I'm not posting here, to protect my privacy.

    I did get an immediate auto-response which I can not post here.

    But, it will be at least five business days before I get a response from them.

    Anyway . . . one way or another . . . if this Malcolm Bowden has been practicing medicine without a license, then this fucker is gonna go down!!!

    Big Fat Heretic

  18. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    Actually . . . not such a good evening. I'm in a really bad mood right now!


    Well, it looks like the lawsuit and impeachment proceedings against Obama is on!

    Check out the following Washington Post article at . . .

    House clears way for lawsuit against Obama

    And this is due, just a day before CONgress is scheduled to begin a 51 / 2 week summer break, one of many such vacations that they have taken during the Obama administration.

    This is the absolutely worst do-nothing CONgress we have ever had in history!

    The Republican Tea Party retards are all pissed off and crapping in their in diapers, because Obama had been issuing executive order to get things done that CONgress had refused to do, saying the Obama's executive orders are "unconstitutional"!

    Oh! REALLY???

    When Bush was President, he actually issued far more executive orders than Obama has ever done.

    Oh! But it wasn't considered "unconstitutional" when Bush was doing it!!! RIGHT???

    Obama only wants to do things like, increase the minimum wage, and have EQUAL PAY for BOTH men AND woman doing the same kind of work, reducing the interest rates on student loans, and have equal health care for both men and women.

    Is that so unreasonable???


    If anyone should be impeached, and charged with TREASON, it's all them God damn Republican fuck-tards who want to set progress back about 200 years!

    I have signed online petitions against what the Republicans in CONgress are trying to do!

    I'm sick and tire of these infantile Republican MORONS!

    Well . . . . . I need to take a break, and do something adult, like . . . having an Amberbock Dark Lager Beer and another cigar, to get that retarded gaga goo goo taste outta my mouth!


    Big Fat Heretic

  19. Great job stalking that slime ball! Maybe the British authorities will kick his ass.

  20. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    OK, when I checked my E-mail, you said that DISQUS is fucking up again, that you could not see my post about Obama being sued.

    I can see it. Scroll up to the first comment at the top. I put it up there so as to avoid changing our present discussion about Malcolm Bowden.

    Yeah! I hope that fuck-tard, Malcolm Bowden gets his bitch-ass served up to him on a silver platter!

    Big Fat Heretic

  21. Hey there Bear,

    I hope they try to sue Obama because he can counter sue them. I think we both know that Obama has a lot of dirt on the GOP that can come in as evidence.

    At to the tea party... there is a huge war between the tea baggers and the Rethuglicans. I have more respect for the tea baggers than I do for the GOP and I have very little respect for the tea baggers.

    You are 100% right about the numbers of executive orders. Here is more on that:

    Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower Total 484

    Democrat John F. Kennedy Total 214

    Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson Total 325

    Republican Richard Nixon Total 346

    Republican Gerald R. Ford Total 169

    Democrat Jimmy Carter Total 320

    Republican Ronald Reagan Total 381

    Republican George H W Bush Total 166

    Democrat William J. Clinton Total 364

    Republican George W. BushTotal 291

    Democrat Barack Obama Total 183

    The fact denying filth that support Republicans by lying about Obama need to choke to death on the facts.

  22. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

    Well . . . I see you have done your homework.

    Almost every president has issued executive orders during his term in office.

    But all the conservative retards weren't upset in the least when Bush issued executive orders.

    Oh! But now, they all get their pink ruffled under-panties in a bunch and crap in their diapers because Obama had issued some executive orders!

    Isn't that Presidents are suppose to do when the need arises? HELLO!!!

    Oh! Let's not forget those $200 dollar economic stimulus checks that have been tacked on to Social Security.

    Again, all the conservatives crapped in their diapers when Obama authorized those stimulus checks, about twice during his administration, so far.

    But, I actually got more of those $200 dollar stimulus check during the Bush administration than I have under Obama! Bush was the first President to authorize those economic stimulus checks.

    Thanks Bush!

    Much appreciated! I was able to upgrade my computer because of it.

    Yeah! Some of the very few times when he did something I liked. Otherwise, he was a douche-nozzle!

    So, who's more "conservative"? Bush, or Obama? You tell me!

    Oh! But it was OK when Bush did it, but not when Obama did it. OK, I get it now!

    And let's not forget health care.

    What we now call "Obama Care" actually originated in the state of Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was Governor of that state. It was called "Romney Care" and it was actually pretty good.

    So, Obama really didn't originate the idea, because "Obama Care" was actually an off-shoot from "Romney Care" but now, Mitt Romney denounces the health care plan, and now, Mitt Romney wants no more association with his own "Romney Care" after Obama had improved it, and extended it.

    Yeah! When on some rare occasion, when a Republican does something good, he later renounces it, and wants nothing further to do with it, and he has joined up with the rest of the Tea Party gutter-thugs in the Republican party to have "Obama Care" shut down.

    At last count, that I know of, the Republicans have made about 54 attempts to strike down Obama Care.

    And they have failed every time!

    OK, I know that Obama Care is not perfect, it has its flaws. The single payer option would be much better.

    So, because there is no single payer option, fucking retards like Hobby Lobby can deny contraceptives for women, and yet, they hypocritically will cover Viagra for men with limp weenies, so they can get it up enough to go out and fuck everything on two legs or four legs, which is what right-wing Christian rednecks like to do!

    That's why we need the single payer option, so that it would not be necessary to have to get your health care through your employer.

    That way, we can say fuck Hobby Lobby and all those other retards! That's why Obama Care must go over to the single payer option.

    Well, maybe, after this 2014 midterm election year is over, then Obama will be able to implement his policies during the last two years of his lame-duck term in office.

    One can only hope.

    Big Fat Heretic

  23. Dr Bear,

    When you said that the Rethuglicans didn't say shit about Bush's executive orders they also never made a peep about the 13 embassy attacks and 60 deaths during the Bush/Cheney co-presidency.

    You said it! SINGLE PAYER! We need to hold the corporate health care/disease exploitation companies responsible for their theft and carnage. No more paying them for medical errors and deadly drugs. No ticky no washy!

    I don't like the teabaggers but I like them better than the mainstream Republicans. In fact I think the mainstream GOP had this teabagger killed.

  24. The Economy 101 By The Numbers Click Here This link puts it into layman's terms and it compares presidents and I hope the Republican voters choke to death on the facts!


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