Friday, July 25, 2014

MS Cure? MS Cause?

As we all know the criminal run medical industry, in the past 50 years has not nor do they want to cure anything. The money in not in the cure of a disease but in the management. 

This may be for real! As you know the medical industry has yet to cure anything in the past 50 years but now some mavericks in England, Italy and Australia appear to have discovered the cause and cure. Let's hope!
MRI showing brain lesions that cause the symptoms of MS

There is compelling evidence that Chlamydia Pneumoniae is the cause of MS and three inexpensive antibiotics can cure it.

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What makes Chlamydia Pneumoniae (Cpn) so troublesome?  Click here for more info on Cpn

    • While it may start as a respiratory infection, Cpn can be carried to other parts of the body and infect many other tissues, including nerve tissue, the brain, muscles, the lining of blood vessels and even your immune cells (macrophages).

    • Standard single antibiotic courses (two weeks) only kill Cpn in one of its three life phases, leaving live forms of Cpn bacteria which are in other stages to renew infection.

    • Cpn contains at least two endotoxinsi (toxic chemicals) which cause tissue damage and inflammationi, chronic immune activation and toxic load in your body.

    • Cpn infects inside your cells and parasitically steals energy from your own body cells in order to replicate.

    • The only way to cure it is to take a combination of antibioticsi, to kill it in all of it's life phases so nothing is left behind to re-infect.

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