Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Toshiba Sucks

Trying to decide which corporate gangsters and morons suck the most can be like trying to decide which shit stinks the worst dog shit or pig shit for me it's a toss up but there are animal feces that smell worse than others and it's usually that carnivores like the big cats. Toshiba is the lion shit of corporate slime.

My HP Windows 7 HP met a tragic end. It fell out of my case and down a very long flight of stairs and it was a total loss. Not wanting to replace it with the nightmare that is Windows 8 I looked for a Windows 7 machine. It was interesting in that at Staples, Best Buy and Office Max the sales people told me that nearly everyone who came in to buy a laptop wanted a Windows 7 but unfortunately they didn't have any. They didn't want a Windows 7 machine because Windows 7 is a stellar platform and OS-- it isn't. They wanted Window 7 because Windows 8 is a total piece of shit.

I did find a Windows 7 machine and it was a Toshiba so I bought it. Now I think maybe I would have struggled with Windows 8 but then again a lot of the software I use runs like shit on 8 and some won't run on a Mac and besides PC's from a hardware point of view are better than Macs.

There was a time when the customer was always right and businesses worked to server the customer. That is no longer the case. We are non longer seen as customers but rather as consumers because corporations are not businesses because corporate gangsters are not businessmen. Corporations trash businesses.

Let's trash Toshiba. I don't want to see Toshiba go out of business because the only people who will get fucked are the employees but by the same token I don't want to see Toshiba operating the way they currently are at this time. Here's my plan. As you know my blogs average over 25K page views per day.  Dr Bear's web influence is enormous. El's influence is equally powerful as in Proud FA's.

How Proud FA fixed Mixcraft. Proud started a a site called Mixcraft Sucks and for those of you who don't know Mixcraft is a Digital Audio Work station and like many is sucks/sucked. Because Proud FA exposed them for the shitware that they are and cost the parent company Acoustica $$$ and bruised some egos they vastly improved their product and today it is better than the most expensive DAWs.

I would ask that my readers trash Toshiba on Facebook, Amazon, Geek Forums, blogs, ect..

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