Thursday, August 28, 2014

Doctors Nearly Killed Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers: still alive and kicking after doctors at Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic nearly killed her

As we all know, doctors killed Ana Nicole Smith, Dick Clark and Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, and nearly killed Dana Carvey. Now doctors performing surgery on Joan Rivers nearly killed her.

 Rivers stopped breathing while undergoing surgery on her vocal cords at a clinic 

in New York's Upper East Side and was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital.
A spokesman for the New York Fire Department told AFP that officers responded to 

an emergency call at 9:39 am (1339 

GMT) after a woman suffered a possible cardiac arrest.
The patient was taken from 201 East 93rd Street, the address of Yorkville 

Endoscopy clinic, to Mount Sinai, he said.
The hospital refused to comment, citing patient privacy.
The E! television channel on which Rivers hosts the show "Fashion Police" later 

reported that she was in a stable 

condition after suffering "complications from throat surgery".
"Our own lovely living legend Joan Rivers is in stable condition at Mt Sinai 

hospital," tweeted E! journalist Ken Baker.
Celebrity news site TMZ earlier reported that Rivers was in critical condition 

after she stopped breathing. Her daughter 

Melissa was reportedly en route to New York.

One medical industry killer that we rarely hear about is death from anesthesia. Here are the numbers I found is anesthesia related deaths.

Most perioperative mortality is attributable to complications from the operation (such as haemorrhagesepsis, and failure of vital organs. This also may include memory loss or slowing down of the thought processes) or pre-existing medical conditions.[citation needed] Most current estimates of perioperative mortality range from 1 death in 53 anaesthetics to 1 in 5,417 anaesthetics.[18][19] However, a 1997 Canadian retrospective review of 2,830,000 oral surgical procedures in Ontario between 1973–1995 reported only four deaths in cases in which either an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a dentist with specialized training in anaesthesia administered the general anaesthetic or deep sedation. The authors calculated an overall mortality rate of 1.4 per 1,000,000.[20]

The butchers at Yorkville Endoscopy who nearly killed Joan Rivers are at 201 E 93rd st, New York, NY 10128. You can call them at (212) 897-1006
Thankfully Joan dodged a bullet and she is still around to keep us laughing if this increasingly fucked up world.

UPDATE: Joan Rivers remains in stable but critical condition after being hospitalized for complications from throat surgery, while more details about her health scare have been revealed. Read more by clicking HERE

UPDATE: Joan Rivers is Dead

American doctors managed to snuff out another great human being. Joan was killed at the Yorkville clinic. This was most likely a criminal homicide. I will be publishing the coroner's report to find out the manner and cause of her death.

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