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John Hinckley Jr and the Bush Connection

A few days ago Ronald Reagan's press secretary James Brady died. Love him or hate him Ronald Reagan was a man of the people and IMO that is why he was targeted for assassination. Now that America is no longer a functioning democracy and now a corpocracy aka fascist. By today's standards Ronald Reagan would be considered a flaming liberal. Reagan signed the windfall profits tax against the oil companies and oil man Pappy Bush 41 was Reagan's VP.

There were rumors floating around that Reagan did not what George HW Bush as VP. Some people consider HW Bush as Reagan's biggest mistake. Those rumor proved to be true. In fact Reagan wanted the honorable Gerald Ford to be the VP. 

The Bush family has a long history of corruption. W's grandfather Prescott Bush helped to finance Hitler and the Nazis and I suspect that George H.W. Bush the former director of the CIA had John Lennon killed and was behind the attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan.

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George Bush Sr., who was President Reagan's Vice President, was really the "President" during most of Reagan's term in office, especially after the failed assassination attempt carried out by John Hinkley Jr.. What never came out in the corporate controlled media is that the Bush family and the Hinkley family were good friends. Bush Sr. and John Hinkley Sr. were both oil men.John Hinkley Sr.helped raise funds for Bush Sr's unsuccessful attempt to wrest the Republican nomination for President from Reagan...pretty far out!!!

Bush–Hinckley family connection[edit]

Hinckley’s father was a financial supporter of George H. W. Bush's 1980 presidential primary campaign. Hinckley’s older brother, Scott, had a dinner date scheduled at the home of the Vice President's son Neil Bush the day after the Reagan assassination attempt.[25][26] Neil's wife, Sharon, indicated in a newspaper interview the day after the shooting that Scott was coming to their house as a date of a girlfriend of hers, and that she did not know "the brother [John]" but understood "that he was the renegade brother in the family." Sharon described the Hinckleys as "a very nice family" and that they had "given a lot of money to the Bush campaign."[27]

Read the articles below and connect the dots.


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