Monday, September 22, 2014

Police Killed In the Line Of Duty

I used to like and admire cops but today's police are not all that likable although there are probably some decent and fair minded people who go into law enforcement.  Police would like us to believe that law enforcement is an extremely dangerous job but in reality it isn't.  There are many industries that are far more dangerous than the law enforcement industry and yes law enforcement is no longer a profession; it is indeed an industry.

Today most people do not like or trust police. Instead of feeling safe when they see a cop most people feel less safe. It used to be that when I saw a person pulled over by a cop I'd think, "I'm glad to see cops are doing their job and keeping us safe." but now when I see police activity I think to myself, "I hope those cops aren't up to no good."

RelatedStop Being Famous has compiled a list of 10 police brutality moments of 2013. According to Term Life Insurance’s US police brutality report, 5,986 cases of police brutality were recorded from 2009 to 2010, with 382 fatalities linked to misconduct and $347,455,000 spent in related settlements and judgements. It’s clear police misconduct is a large problem

When I saw the Rodney King beating I was somewhat aghast but I could have voted those cops innocent. Sure they were pussies and they probably could have restrained King without beating him as much as they did.  I am pretty sure that I Fat Bastardo and 150 pound Proud FA could have subdued Rodney King and placed him in restraints without hurting him but Proud and I are not pussies.

There are many industries that are more dangerous than the law enforcement industry. Here are a few:

Tree workers


Taxi Drivers


Construction  Workers



Convenience store clerks

Coal Miner

Factory workers

Oil Rig Workers

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