Thursday, October 2, 2014

Julia Pierson Quits

Julia Pierson Fat Girl

This is a fat issue. Disgraced Secret Service chief Julia Pierson is a fat girl so chances are she is histrionic, lazy swoons over lean pretty boys and hates fat men.  Under her watch the secret service has discriminated against fat men as evidenced by the fact that you see no fat secret service agents.

Fat girls hate fat guys. That fact is not even debatable. The Secret Service is a fucking mess and that also is not even debatable.

Currently Secret Service agents are lean and "in shape".  Fat is a shape and as I explained in an earlier article titled The Secret Service Is Incompetent fatties make better human shields than leanlings.

When it comes to her own safety hypocrite Julia "Fat Girl" Pierson is accompanied by fat cop's protective wall of blubber.

Double chinned fat girl Pierson lusting over Obama

What are the three of them thinking?

Pierson: MMMMM what a sexy chocolate daddy. I'd love to give him a Lewinsky.

Biden: Looks like you gotta another fat groupie buddy. I'm gonna break his balls.

Obama: Fuck! Joe Biden is going to break my balls! This fat bitch is creeping me out. She probably wants to protect my penis with her mouth.

Getting back on point; when it comes to personal protection fat beats skinny.

This cop's skinny body can't stop a pea from a pea shooter let alone a high powered round from a gun.

Any girth you see on these runts is really their body armor. Look at that bald stick boy!

Maybe the president should be armed since the playboys who work for the US Secret Service can't protect him.

Related: US Secret Service Agents Act Like Playboys Regardless Who They Are Guarding.

 agent David Chaney with vice presidential candidate  when she visited Colorado in 2008 for a fundraiser. He posted this picture from the Denver Post on his Facebook page with the comment, 'I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?' Chaney has resigned from the  in the wake of a prostitute scandal.
A member of the Secret Service who posted a Denver Post photo ofhimself with Sarah Palin on his Facebook page now probably wishes he hadn’t.
The photo of Palin and agent David Chaney — and the interesting comment he posted with it — has gone viral after he resigned in the wake of the prostitute scandal enveloping his agency.
“I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” he wrote in response to a friend, joking that he was a Palin “stalker,” according to several news agencies.
The picture was shot by Post photographer RJ Sangosti when Palin, then Alaska’s governor and ’s presidential running mate, visited Colorado in October 2008 for a fundraiser

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