Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mike Hubbard Another Sleazy Republican Bites the Dust

When it comes to scandals whether sex or bribery the "Godly" Republicans win the gold, silver and bronze medal and if there were a platinum medal they would win that one too. Like NC House Speaker Thom Tillis and his scandals Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard seems even sleazier than LIAR Thom Tillis but the full story on Tillis and his sleazy dealings has yet to come out.

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard (R) was arrested on Monday and charged with 23 felony ethics charges, The Associated Press reported.
Hubbard, who chaired the Alabama Republican Party from 2007 to 2011, faces charges that include using his office for personal gain and voting for legislation with a conflict of interest, reported.
Hubbard has claimed that he did nothing wrong and called the investigation a witch hunt, according to the AP.
According to WHNT, Hubbard's indictment is part of an ongoing public corruption investigation in the state.
Read the full indictment by clicking here, courtesy of'se Whitmire: Or here.

  This story is developing. Check back for updates.
CORRECTION: This article has been edited to note that Hubbard is the former chair of the Alabama Republican Party, not the current chair.



Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was arrested Monday on nearly two dozen felony ethics charges. The prominent Republican turned himself in to Montgomery, Alabama, authorities after being indicted on 23 felony counts, including the misuse of his public office for personal gain.
Hubbard, whose book “Storming the Statehouse” details the 2010 Republican takeover of the state’s legislature, which had been led by Democrats for 136 years, was indicted as part of an ongoing investigation in Alabama.

Eleven of the charges against the politician allege that he solicited or received items of value “from a lobbyist or principal.” Hubbard was also charged with using his office as Alabama Republican Party chairman for personal gain, voting for legislation despite a conflict of interest, and collecting a fee in exchange for his lobbying services.

If convicted, Hubbard, 52, could face between two and 20 years in prison, and fines of as much as $30,000 for each of the 23 counts.

The indictment alleges that Hubbard solicited favors from former Alabama 
Governor Bob Riley, as well as from numerous prominent businessmen and political operatives.

Hubbard claims that the charges are the result of “a political witch hunt,” according to“This [investigation] has been going on for two years, dragging on and on, and here they come two weeks before an election and make these allegations,” he told the media outlet. “The fact is that we’ve done some great things in this state and some powerful people don’t like it.”  
The probe, which is being heard by a special grand jury, also netted two other Alabama Republicans — Rep. Greg Wren and Rep. Barry Moore — earlier this year. Wren pleaded guilty to using his office for personal gain, while Moore pleaded not guilty to perjury and giving false statements.


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