Thursday, November 6, 2014

David The Shitter Vitter

When it comes to immoral sicko scumbags the Republican party seems to have them all and I am not just talking about Republican politicians like diaper Dave Vitter the US senator from Louisiana the most corrupt state in the union.

Diaper Dave is more harmless than most other Republicans. Diaper Dave like going to prostitutes wearing a diaper. We get it Dave, Republicans behave like children and are dirtier than a soiled diaper but this is ridiculous. Perhaps Vitter's behavior is some sort of cry for help for all the guilt he's feeling for all the sleazy and immoral things Republicans do?  Maybe he feels so guilty that he wants to regain the feeling of childhood innocence? Maybe pooping his diaper, being spanked and cleaned up by his prostitute nannies helps to salve his guilty conscience? But who really gives a shit other than Diaper Dave. This is funnier than hell so let's have some fun with it.

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