Monday, November 3, 2014

Tom Sneddon Dead!

I Fat Bastardo wished cancer on Tom Sneddon and my wish came true. For those of you who don't know, Tom Sneddon was the district attorney who prosecuted Michael Jackson on child molestation charges. Sneddon knew that Jackson was innocent as per information from the FBI.

Like other DA scum, Sneddon knew Jackson was innocent but Sneddon was a evil cock sucking scoundrel much like Mike Nyfong.

The relentless attacks by slime like Nyfong and media whores like Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond and Martin Bashir and other corporate whores are what put Michael into an early grave.

Now that Sneddon has died of cancer let concentrate our karmic energies on Nancy Grace, Diane Dimond and Martin Bashir and wish cancer on them.

BOMB SHELL! Media whore Nancy Grace soon to develop cancer and die an agonizing death. Karma from Michael Jackson's fans cause obnoxious loudmouthed cunt to get terminal cancer!

More liars who need to get terminal cancer CLICK HERE

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