Friday, December 5, 2014

The American Police State or Police State USA

America has ceased being a democracy. The left knows this and so does the right. I think it is hard for a person with honor to be a cop in America these days.  Most people really suck and today's cops are drawn from that pool but more than that the criminals at the top hire the worst of the worst because the ones at the top want people just like them. 

When dealing with the cops we need to be firm but polite and we should always be armed with cameras. 

If you check the Youtube video of police misconduct you will see that most of the victims are White.  The media wants you to think that it's only Blacks who are being terrorized by cops. The media wants you to think that every time a cop does wrong it is because he is a racist. They don't want you to know that police terrorize everyone at an alarmingly high rate. The corporate media the propaganda machine for the corporate gangs aka the 1%. 

I would like to see the cops who went into law enforcement with good intentions to once again serve the people and then turn on their masters. The cops on the street are pretty much like the Black overseers on the plantations who beat the slaves.  

At this point I don't know if we can end the police state peacefully but I think it is worth a try.  We need to appeal to cops and we need to stop making the fact free statement, "Most cops are good cops".  How do we know? 

We need to stop licking the boots but we need to to use discretion which is the better part of valor.  He who fights and runs away live to fight another day. There are other ways to fight tyranny besides head on.  I hope that people don't go hunting down cops because while I don't believe most cops are "good" I do believe that most started out with good intentions.  If given the right environment, culture and skills the the ones with good intentions would be appreciated and respected.  Think of it like this. If you were drafted and forced to fight Canadians for some bullshit reason could you pull the trigger? Even the Iraqi soldiers that we slaughtered were not scumbags. The were no different that our soldiers.  Let's say that on the first Gulf war one of them killed Saddam and his high command that is what a good person would have done. There were over 40 attempts on Hitler's life so there certainly were some good Germans in WW-2.  Soldiers of the Wermacht and pilots of the Luftwaffe were no better of no worse human beings than our soldiers and pilots.  I think the only way I could kill  soldiers is if they were invaders.  

Good cops do come forward and if we make it easier and worth their while to come forward more will.  Cops who turn in corrupt cops are the good cops. It takes a lot of courage to put your career, life and family at risk in order to do the right thing.  Let's make it easier for cops with good intentions to turn in corrupt cops and if a good cop kills a corrupt cop let's think about jury nullification. 

Support the good ones. Like I said it takes a lot of courage to be a good cop these days.  Let's think about rewarding the good ones as much as we want to punish the bad ones because the alternative will be ugly and bloody. Maybe we can end this tyranny peacefully?

Below is the first page on Youtube showing videos of police misconduct and brutality. Keep in mind for every recorded incident of police misconduct there are 1000s of incidents that never get recorded or up loaded to Youtube. If you don't think that the US in now a police state you need to pull your head out of your ass.

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