Friday, January 23, 2015

Deflate Gate Ball Gate Explained

Did the New England Patriots cheat? Probably not. While the asshole prick licking media is doing what they always do Bigger Fatter Politics is looking at the facts.

What scientists are saying and what to assholes in the worish suck my dick media are not saying in order to boost ratings and ignore the real issues of the day such as the fact that the biggest thief and killer in the US is the medical industry....

“Cold temperature will make a difference, it will lower the pressure,” said Michael J. Naughton, chairman of Boston College’s physics department, after plugging temperature data into a formula for pressure loss. “Weather certainly will deflate a football by a pound or two — but it all depends on the details.”
The NFL has reportedly found that 11 of the Patriots’ 12 game balls were deflated by as much as 2 pounds per square inch below the league minimum of 12.5 psi.
A Massachusetts Institute of Technology postdoctoral associate, who asked not to be identified, agreed with Naughton’s calculations and even sent the Herald a formula that predicted a change of 1.78 psi by halftime if the balls were filled at room temperature. The temperature on the Gillette Stadium field at kickoff was about 45 degrees.
“If the ball was sitting outside in the cold for an hour,” he said, “it is likely that the temperature of the air inside the ball would end up being the same temperature as the air outside of the ball — and if that is the case, you would see between a 1.5 and a 1.6 difference in PSI.”

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