Okay, definitely not all doctors suck, my sports medicine doctor is great, but just about every other doctor I've been to has just been plain horrible...

You end up sitting in a lobby for an hour because they cram appointments at all times to maximize profits...

After chillin for about an hour, you finally get into an office where you wait for another half an hour

After that, some nurse comes in and you are supposed to explain to them what your problem is. Now I'm not dogging on nurses here, but what exactly qualifies them to hear all of your symptoms and then re-communicate them to the physician (anyone heard of the telephone game???) And how is that in any way efficient? Certainly there is a considerable loss of detail when this occurs... shouldn't I be communicating with the doctor directly?

After that, the doctor finally comes in and doesn't even look you in the eye. They act more like they are fixing a car than a person. They quickly try to match your symptoms with a very short list of common things they encounter and then prescribe you something without even bothering to explain to you what exactly is happening. (I know someone who was misdiagnosed 11 times before finally finding out they had a potentially debilitating disease)

They seem so certain of their quick diagnosis that its the most hubris I've ever seen

Not everybody is some idiot that goes into the doctor without any knowledge of what they may already have or how the human body and certain medications work...

After this 5 second ordeal, you try to ask them questions, while each time they take a step closer and closer to the door trying to leave with a very annoyed look on their face because they have a receptionist they have to go skull f*ck... which is way more important

If you've been misdiagnosed, improperly treated, or not even helped at all then there is absolutely nothing you can do... you gotta pay up

What other industry can people get away with this in???

Would you expect a sales representative, attorney, or appliance repairman to act in such a manner?

They get away with it because health is the most precious thing, and most people will tolerate whatever they can until they are healthy again... and not to mention because health insurance companies dictate who you can see half the time

Anyone care to defend these people?

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Best Answer:  Bravo...I see you've had the exact same experience with doctors as i have. I've been misdiagnosed so many times, i no longer trust any doctors. It's now become a business, and is about the money, not about the care and compassion for a patient. I'm totally disgusted at the way some doctors treat their patients, it's just not right. Unfortunately, we the little people, can't do a dam thing about it. Nice to know i'm not the only one who feels this way tho :-)

Answer: The average Dr. Is a clown, that cares Nothing about you. Just look at the everyday treatment people get. This is just 1 example, not enuff space. Dr. orders dialysis tells woman, without it she will die shortly. She starts WK 1, she looks worse,WK 2, Worse, wks.3-12 looks like the living dead. She Stops, states the Dr. is killing me for $$$$$$.... The dr. tells her she will die,Without dialysis. She refuses. WK 1, color comes back. Wk 2 starts eating, WK 3 better, WK 4 leaves facility for the living dead. 7 years later she is alive & well & no less than 20 family members, are well aware the crap that drs. Will do for a buck....I could write a book as thick as a phone book on the b.s. we have all collectively seen drs. Do......From refusing to show me the Cost charged to my ins. Co. To deleting the file after I demanded it. The fraud is Massive. A Gov. Entity researched medical billing across the USA, they report a 90% of all visits were OVERCHARGED" they claim oops. Undercharged? NOT

Answer: The entire American (Western) Medical-Corporate Greed Combine is corrupt. You are just a statistic related to $$$$$. You are forced to deal with many indifferent (and incompetent) Doctors and their assorted underlings from half retarded receptionists and clerks to delusional nurses (yeah, right you are an "Angel Of Mercy" whatever). There are of course exceptions but rare to find. Just too many big corporations and insurance companies doling out "care". We have the diluted ObamaCare but don't worry, the republicaNazis will eviscerate it in a few years.
Answer: Whore is the word that best describes most American doctors. I can think of a few other words.

Answer: Cause they get paid anyway and they don't give a **** about you or your health. They are selfish lazy shits. I'm bitter at doctor's here because my sister had Lupus and it took them month after month to figure out it wasn't "allergies" and it was Lupus. If I could beat that doctor with a machete, I would.

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