Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fat Bastardo's Health Care Reform

The following post is unfinished. I would like input feedback from my readers before I complete this health care reform proposal and sent it to the vipers in congress. Please offer me some suggestions and insights. 

Thanks -Fat Bastardo-

There are a lot of things in this world that suck such as Muslims, Republicans, feminists, ect.. but when it comes to the negative effect per capita that these groups have on Americans they all pale in comparison to American MDs.

The highest paid and least regulated MDs on earth are Americans yet the are the ones who bitch the most. They whine about the cost of medical school and complain that while they were residents and interns they will whine and brag hospital would work them 80+ hours per week. I would think to myself, "Why are these assholes bragging about working in life and death situations while sleep deprived.

The Solution for Medical School and Overworked Interns and Residents

Make medical free like in France but with some stipulations. You have to be qualified to get in and once you graduate you agree to do specified pro bono work and you spend time doing research. In America truckers are only allowed to drive for 10 hours a day and as a result and unlike doctors, truckers are not accidentally killing 440,000 Americans per year.

American doctors are a greedy bunch or malingerers.

American MDs make a fucking lot of money. Some doctors in some specialties make over $1 Million dollars a year in salary alone. Most doctors admit to taking kickbacks and honoraria from big pharma and the medical device companies. Don't let anyone fool you, American MD have a lot of money and they live well.

Since health care should be a right all MD should be government employees. They should receive a tax free salary base upon and hourly wage. They cannot work more than 60 hours per week and they will be paid time and 1/2 for any work over 40 hours. This means that pediatricians make the same money as neuro-surgeons. This way doctors will not go into one specialty for the money.

Doctors are currently held to very low standards.

All Hospitals will be Government Owned

For all the bad press VA hospitals get they are far better than private hospitals. Profiteering by the exploitation of disease is about as immoral as it gets. Making people sick is good for business.

Cures: A Top Priority

What is the last major disease that was eradicated? Polio? We used to keep hearing that "they" are so close to a cure. Now we know that was a lie. The exploitation of disease and human suffering is extortion.

Strict Regulations on Drug Companies or a Complete Government Takeover 

Most drugs today don't work as well as the older tried and true medications of the 60's and 70's. Today's pharmaceuticals have dangerous adverse side effects and are very expensive. New drugs should only be created if there is a valid medical need for them and not because a patent expired.

Clinical trial are a sham. Clinical trials are conducted by the drug companies and the results are presented to their FDA lapdogs. If you think that is bad it gets worse. Drug and device companies contract out to doctors to conduct clinical trials and the those companies pay doctors handsomely to test these drugs on their patients. If a doctor gives and honest evaluation of a drug he is kicked off the big pharma gravy train. Therefore only the slimiest doctors participate in clinical trials.

Government Scientists Should Create and Evaluate New Medications

Only trust an unbiased third party can be trusted to test the safety and efficacy of a new medication. In the first year an new medication can net billions in profit for big pharma. The criminal fraud perpetrated by big pharma is rampant. Currently everyone involved gets a big piece of a very big pie. With salaried government scientists and researchers creating the needed medications there will be no duplication of drugs which are referred to as the me too drugs. Drugs will not be sold to physicians for the kickback the are used to receiving. Doctors will choose medications for their patients based on what is best for their patients and not a bribes, kickbacks and honorarium.

Confiscate the Ill Gotten Gains of The Corporate Medical Industry

To fund this will little or no cost to the taxpayers 90% of all doctors net worth will be confiscated and a punishment tax or 90% will be placed on all doctors, and medical corporate executives and members of their boards of directors for a minimum ten years.

Punishments for their crimes.

Doctors and other medical personnel who have been caught stealing will have all their assets ceased under current forfeiture laws. 

Doctors who have injured patients through gross misconduct will be banished from the profession and sent to Gitmo for further interrogation and prolonged detention.  

Doctors who have killed patients with be publicly executed. The preferred method would be the guillotine.  


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