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Low Testosterone In Women

One of the most maligned hormones is testosterone but the hormone that has wreaked the most havoc on humanity is estrogen. It's a given that women are a pain in the ass and as they age they are more like beer than wine...they rarely improve with age. To make matters worse women these days retain more estrogen than their counterparts of yesteryear and lose more testosterone aka the sanity hormone. Women even at their peak have small amounts of testosterone compared to men. As bad as an estrogen fuel woman can be and estrogen-fueled woman with low testosterone is hell on wheels.

Signs of Low Testosterone in Women

Fatigue aka Fat Ass Sit Party Syndrome

Women with decreased testosterone levels often notice a sudden drop in their energy levels. This can manifest in several ways; they may have a hard time finding the energy to get out of bed in the morning because the realize that there are no Pop Tarts, or they just may feel drained of energy throughout the day for all the wine the swilled the last night. Physical activities which don’t normally cause fatigue such as not sitting on their fat asses may leave them feeling spent or exhausted, and they may struggle to get to the refrigerator.
One of the telltale signs that your chronic fatigue may have an underlying cause (and could therefore be related to low testosterone levels) is that is unrelieved by sleep. In other words, if they’re finding themselves chronically tired even though you’re getting lots of sleep at night or supplementing with naps throughout the day, a hormone deficiency could be the underlying problem. However, lots of medical conditions such as being a fat ass can cause fatigue, so you’ll have to hire a flatbed truck and them to a doctor for a diagnosis.

Weight Gain 

Weight gain can shows itself in women affected by low testosterone. For instance, a loss of muscle tissue may be followed by a sudden unexplained (eats like a fucking pig and sits on her ass) increase in body fat, particularly around the area of the abdomen. In fact, many researchers placate women by now saying they believe that diminishing testosterone levels is a leading cause of midlife weight gain in women, if not the single most common culprit even when the real cause is eating like a pig. You can't tell an estrogen dominant sow with low sanity hormone (testosterone) that she's a self absorbed cunt.
The weight gain associated with reduced levels of testosterone in women may also present alongside other noticeable changes in physiology. In particular, women who sit on their fat nasty asses with diminishing testosterone levels also experience changes in muscle tone and bone density, which can have a significant impact on the appearance and character of the body. These symptoms usually start to appear when women are in their mid-30s, but all too often, they’re chalked up to simply being a part of getting older when, in fact, they are treatable and, in many cases, reversible with some testosterone and a good swift kick in the ass.

Decreased Libido

As we age, many of us tend to be less sexually active. However, when testosterone is low, women experience more sudden and extreme sexual changes—including reduced libido, vaginal dryness that makes intercourse very painful, and a general disinterest in sexual intimacy and anything else fun except for eating food and talking about or massaging their insatiable egos. This happens because testosterone plays an extremely important role in sexual arousal and sanity in both men and women, and people of both genders who are suffering from deficiencies will naturally have a decreased interest in sex but men won't become mean. Actually, fat men have lower testosterone than lean men and fat men are jolly whereas fat women are meaner than cat piss than that's mean
Hormone replacement therapies and other treatments can restore your sex drive and sanity to normal levels, but you should proceed with caution, and you should never self-treat a suspected testosterone deficiency. Mood swings, the development of male secondary sex characteristics, increased body hair, chronic headaches and sleep apnea can all result from the improper treatment of reduced androgen levels in women. This happens with those really nasty fat girl feminists who develop PCOS and sprout those thick pig bristles on their chins. If a frigid rigid and mean bitch is going to take testosterone supplements, they must be at the proper dosage to minimize your risk of these side effects.

Drama Queen False Depression 

Drama queen false depression, mood swings, and other unexplained emotional cunt symptoms can be caused by decreased testosterone levels. These symptoms occur because the hormone helps regulate more than just energy levels and libido; it also plays an important role in mood stabilization and mental focus. Other neuropsychiatric symptoms of low androgen levels in women include a generalized lack of motivation and a loss of interest in activities the patient once enjoyed. Patients also frequently complain of a pervasively “low mood,” which may not descend into full-blown depression but is nonetheless constantly present and a pain in everyone's ass.
The mood-based symptoms of reduced testosterone levels in women are almost always misdiagnosed and treated with antidepressants and other drugs when hormone therapy holds the potential to yield similar results with a lower risk of complications and side effects. While these symptoms may be among the most noticeable, you should evaluate the bitch carefully for the presence of others to reduce your risk of a root-cause misdiagnosis.


Irregular periods

The sudden drop in the testosterone hormone can also cause changes in menstruation. It's like she's always on the rag both either figuratively or literally.  In most cases, these changes manifest through irregularity of the menstrual cycle and lighter-than-normal periods. In older women, and in women with severely depleted levels of testosterone, it is possible to miss periods altogether. While women naturally experience decreases in their testosterone levels over time, beginning in their late teens or early 20s, menstrual irregularities are a sign that the problem has progressed to the point where treatment is necessary.
Women with low levels of testosterone may also experience other symptoms of menopause and premenopause. Specifically, hot flashes and violent mood changes such as extreme irritability may occur. If she's experiencing signs of early menopause and she's not yet in the usual age range for her fertility to be in such decline, hormone deficiencies may be the root cause of your health issues. In most cases, these problems are reversible but once in cunt mode she enjoys being a cunt too much to get help.

Anxiety or Tragic Crazy Bitch Mode?

Even though testosterone is considered a “male” hormone, studies prove a decrease in normal levels to an increased anxiety or heightened bitch mode, which can, in extreme cases, cause symptoms like violent aggression. Again, these symptoms occur because testosterone plays an important role in mood and neuropsychiatric regulation, and hormonal fluctuations can cause changes in brain chemistry that trigger symptoms.
As mentioned, anxiety aka tragic bitch mode isn’t the only psychiatric symptom associated with low testosterone in women. Depression and a consistent and pervasive low mood aka wet blanket syndrome can also result. e.g. "I don't like and I don't wanna." Like depression and low mood, anxiety symptoms are often misdiagnosed and, as a result, mistreated with unnecessary drugs. However, you should note that testosterone supplements can also cause mood imbalances but this is rare. In particular, they can trigger sligh mood swings and an increase in normal behavior. Always proceed with caution, and always make sure that you’re not taking too much testosterone or you might experience some unpleasant side effects for a woman such as logic, rationality, and sanity.


Anorgasmia or No Longer a Fumctioning Woman Mode

Anorgasmia, or the inability to have orgasms, is a common symptom for women with plummeting testosterone levels. This difficulty with achieving pleasure from sex is usually accompanied by a drastic drop in sexual desire overall. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm will return even if the underlying hormonal condition is successfully treated, though many women do go on to recover full and normal sexual function. Many medical professionals believe that an inability to achieve orgasm is more psychological than a physiological issue.
One thing to keep in mind is that testosterone supplements have not yet been approved by the FDA for use in women and that some researchers contend that there hasn’t been enough research done into the condition to warrant safe treatment. If you’re diagnosed with low testosterone levels, you should carefully weigh the potential benefits of treatment against the drawbacks and seek multiple medical opinions if you have unanswered questions.
The reason that the criminal medical industry keeps testosterone away from women is because it simply cures and prevents too many illnesses and improves lives too much. Testosterone along with safe estrogen levels prevents and or cures the following in women.
1. Bone loss
2. Breast cancer
3. Migraine headaches
4. Weight gain
5. Muscle loss
6. Uterine cancer
7. Ovarian cancer
8. Cervical cancer
9. Anxiety
10. Depression
11. Anorgasmia
12. Hypoactive sexual disorder
13. Sexual Arousal Disorder
14. Histrionic Personality Disorder
15. PMS
16. PMDD


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