Sunday, April 19, 2015

Open Letter To Doctor Oz

Dr Oz,

Anyone with a triple digit IQ knows that like most other members of your loathsome industry, you Dr Oz are an unethical and immoral money grubbing scumbag. Claire McCaskill tore you a new one in a Senate heating about fraud and she an the other members proved you to be a liar and they called you a liar because you ARE a liar. Being that like you most American MDs have the morals of alley cats the odds of them cleaning up their behavior out of a sense of morality are slim and none. The only things that motivate people like you Dr Oz are fear, money and ego. You already have more money than God but narcissists like you have a huge fear of losing their audience and the admiration of the morons who worship them.

Doctor Oz Redeems Himself!

UPDATE: Doctor Oz may be a snake but compared to other doctors and corporate food and medical gangsters he's small time. It seems that Doctor Oz is trying to rehabilitate himself and so far he is doing a good job... Click here to hear Dr Oz and his experts expose corporate gangster and their use of cancer causing pesticides and refusal to label GMO foods.

This is goes to your insatiable ego. Less than a year ago I posted an article that reported the ass kicking you got in the US Senate. Here is that article titled Dr Oz Busted for Weight Loss Fraud

It would seem Dr Oz, that when I published this article I really hit the search engine sweet spot with my meta tags and posting of it on other websites. As of today Bigger Fatter Politics is receiving 7000 page views a day on this one article alone and that is just on this blog. Like minded people, those who despise lying sacks of shit like you have made this article go viral. My news groups and I can duplicate those results again and again and again now that I have the nohow. In less than an hour I can create 1000 inbound links and many of those links will be re-posted. How do you like them apples?

Sometimes bad people do good things but they always do them for them wrong reasons and that will be the case with you. As much fun as it is to wreck scum like you and yours I would rather see you use your celebrity to do the right thing so how about doing the moral thing?

What I need you to do is at the beginning and end of every show discuss the medical holocaust that is going on every day. Talk about the criminal drug companies, infection ridden hospitals, medical fraud committed by doctors, billing fraud, kickbacks, fraud during clinical trials and whatever else is required to expose your filthy and loathsome industry.

If you show me some good faith, I Fat Bastardo will remove these articles exposing you for the scoundrel that you are. If you decide to continue to be a lying sack of shit and do not make a mia culpa and then use your celebrity to tell the truth on your loathsome industry, I and my news groups will do everything short of breaking the law to wreck you.

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