Sunday, May 17, 2015

Criminal Reform: Reforming Bad People and Bad Laws

What is shiny and looks great on a Republican? HANDCUFFS!
The first thing you should keep in mind is that most Republicans and many corporate leaders should be in prison for life. They are worst kinds of criminals. They are the reason that companies like Glaxo Smith Kline, Bristol Meyers Squibb and Duke Energy are killing people with their coal plants and deadly drugs.  Republicans never stop being on the corporate payroll. So here is the reform. When individuals commit criminal acts on behalf of corporations not only do the individual law breakers get criminally prosecuted but if they are found guilty the company officers and boards of directors face criminal charges such as well.

Maybe instead of sending our criminal politicians a reform proposal send them and the news media signed petitions with some or all of the following suggestions? 

The first thing I would do with prison reform is get rid of prison canteens and the inmates get fed wholesome prison food only. Behavior would improve and the guards would lace less violence. Since most Americans today are gluttons that would be real incentive to reform. 

Brain scans for all violent and drug addicts to find out just how messed up they really are. The fixable ones get fixed the FUBAR ones get caged for life or kept on a short leash.

Mandatory life for pedophiles and violent rapists. Mandatory life for false rape reports.

Triple the penalties on criminal cops. Any cop who arrested anyone that they knew was innocent receives a mandatory 10 years. Cops who framed innocent people receive a mandatory 20 years. Police brutality gets up to 30 years depending on the severity.

Drug abusers and drunks get mandatory rehab and if they repeat hard time for a year or more.

Now for the deterrents and the fun stuff.

As you know laws are allegedly in place to protect the good people from the bad people but unfortunately it doesn't usually work out that way. Today most laws are designed and enforced to create revenue for the corrupt  members of society aka the 1% and the corporate criminal elite. Most real crime today is white collar crime which usually goes unpunished and or ignored. The only people punished by the 102 million dollar Duke Energy fine are the customers. The criminals who ordered the illegal dumping got away with it, same as the victims of doctors who knowingly prescribe kickback drugs that harm patients. This is how it works in a fascist kleptocracy. 

Violent criminals get housed with corporate and political criminals. The violent criminals get special privileges like being allowed to anally rape the corporate criminals. No condoms allowed if the violent raping inmate has an STD.

Corporate gangsters will be subject to forfeiture laws and if their family members helped them hide assets HARD TIME for them!

All marijuana convictions will be over turned.

End Prosecutorial Immunity

Any prosecutor who knowingly prosecutes innocent people convicted the way Mike Nyfong did with the Duke lacrosse players faces public execution by firing squad and the most death penalty zealous judge has be the one to pull the trigger or we can have a lottery and the winner gets to execute people like Nyfong.


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Less Greedy Scumbag Doctors = Less Theft, Death and Injury

MDs who take bribes mandatory should receive mandatory life and if their wrong doing results in death then a temporary imposition of  Sharia law CHOP CHOP or a weed death by a weed whacker.. their choice. The majority of American doctors take bribes. Find out if your MD is on the take. ProPublica has a tool called Dollars for Docs that has a search tool that purports to show whether your health professional received drug company money.

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Two Dozen Doctors Named in Novartis Kickback Case

Kleptocratic America

In a democracy these suggestions would be implemented but America is no longer and functioning democracy. We are a democracy in name only, What America is now is a corporate fascist keptocracy run by a not so shadowy gang of criminal and immoral plutocrats. 

Welcome to Amerika peasants!

Pure evil people actually believe that they are good.

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