Saturday, May 9, 2015

How Doctors Almost Killed Proud FA's Niece and My Goddaughter

For my new readers, Proud FA is a bosom buddy and the former dean of feederism. Proud's sister (We will call her Sarah.) had all sorts of problems with uterine  fibrosis and endometriosis. Her doctor sent her for a hysterectomy. Her doctor had told her that she could not get pregnant due to the fibrosis. Like most American doctors her doctor was wrong. Proud's sister could indeed get pregnant and an ultrasound just before the surgery showed that she was pregnant. Proud's sister nor was ever informed of this fact.

There was a heated argument between a nurse, the ultrasound tech and the doctor who was scheduled to perform the hysterectomy. The doctor wanted to go ahead with the hysterectomy but the nurse would have none of it. She quickly informed Proud FA and his brother in law that Sarah was indeed pregnant and that the doctor and his crew of butchers were going to perform the hysterectomy in spite of the fact that Sarah was pregnant. Needless to say that when Proud FA found out he was livid. Proud FA loves kids and the thought of some scumbag doctor aborting his sister's baby was to much for him. Proud FA has a strong protective instinct especially when it comes to children.

I got a call from Proud FA's wife Thinnette begging me to meet her at the hospital to help her talk Proud down. She was sure he would get himself arrested for a attacking the scum bag doctor. I called Proud's cell phone and made him promise not to do anything until I got there. He agreed and I grabbed Thinnette and we took off for the hospital post haste. She stayed with Proud in the phone while I drove.

I had to physically restrain Proud while Thinnette rounded up all involved. We wanted to make sure that the nurse was correct about Sarah being pregnant. The nurse claimed that there was a fetal heartbeat seen on the ultra-sound. I located the technologist and when he began to try to bullshit me I explained that if I pointed him out to Proud FA that Proud FA would tear his head off. For those of you who don't know Proud FA, Proud FA's other nickname is ET or Extra Testicle. Proud is one o these guys with an extra Y chromosome. I have seen the 5'9" 160 pound Proud beat the crap out of men twice his size. Any guy who can eat the pussy of fat girl and fuck 10 of them a night is nobody to trifle with.  Not only did the tech admit that the Sarah was pregnant he provided up with the images that showed a female fetus.

A healthy Millicent is now three years old and her Uncle Proud FA beams with pride for his first niece and I, Fat Bastardo am equally thrilled that she is my goddaughter.

As usual the doctor and the hospital continue their criminal activity. They fired the nurse for informing Proud and Sarah's husband and the technologist also threw the nurse under the bus so that he could keep his job.

The nurse who has filed suit against the hospital does not see herself as a hero although all of us involved see her as one. Proud and Thinnette send her a gift card every Christmas. Sarah speaks with her frequently and she is now been adopted as an aunt to Millicent.

The scumbag doctor who would have killed Millicent did not even receive a reprimand from the hospital board of the state medical board. And just when I thought it could not get any sleazier both the hospital and doctors sent Sarah a bill.

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