Monday, May 25, 2015

Vulture Capitalism Explained

Wake up peasants! Vulture capitalism in not like flipping a house. It is about treasonous trash like Mitt Romney flipping lives of hard working people upside down.

Get educated and then do something about these enemies of the American way. I'm through trying to spoon feed you sheeple lemmings and personally I don't care what you losers do about it. You can sit around a bitch about it or you can do something about it. Sitting around and bitching and hoping that the criminals in congress will do the right thing is easy and foolish. People like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are anomalies and they are the exceptions that prove members of congress are nothing more than filthy amoral high paid whores. The alternative is Jeffersonian and ugly.

Enjoy your continued ass-fucking by the 1% you pathetic peasants as you pathetically whine to the filthy whores in congress for mercy while they raid your pensions. That's right wage slaves, work yourselves to death to make the 1% even richer. The people leeching of you are not the poor. The people leeching off you are the criminal 1%.

Think about this losers. What would you do if a robber came into your home and there were no cops to call? Why are you treating these slime any better than a common thief?

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