Thursday, June 25, 2015

Belly Bulge

I'm not talking about fupas, pannys, meat skirts or beer bellies. I'm talking about acoustic guitars and a fucking that a friend of mine got from Musicians Friend  and Gretsch guitars which is actually Fender Musical Instrument Manufactures out of Indonesia.

Belly bulge is when the top of the guitar pulls up due too bad bracing, shitty glue, improper storage, lousy wood, wrong moisture content in the wood and the constant string tension.

My buddy was sent not one but two Gretsch Rancher guitars from Musicians Friend the first one was returned due to belly bulge and it now appears that the criminals at Musician Friend sent him back the same defective guitar. Other sources have told me that Musicians Friend has a reputation for doing this sort of sleazy shit.

I know what you are thinking. With all the shit going on in this American plutocracy aren't their more important things to report on than a company who fucks consumers? Normally I would say yes but it seems that Musician Friend is part of Guitar Center. Guitar Center is owned and controlled by the criminal at Mitt Romney's Bain Caplital. Bain Capital exists to fuck worker and to fuck everyone else out of money by doing every unethical and sleazy thing that they can get away with.

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PFA will be posting on this over at Mixcrat Sucks site and BTW, Mixcraft has improved dramatically and it is now the best DAW for the money by far. It is amazing what exposing the misdeeds of corporate plutocratic amoral assholes can do.

Normally this guy buys stuff from Sweetwater Music. Sweetwater had a stellar reputation and Musicians Friend is now a sleazy corporate whore of a company.

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Brand New Gretsch Rancher with severe belly bulge.

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