Monday, June 22, 2015

Dylann Roof Inspired by Citizens Conservative Counsel

A lot of vile and treasonous whores want to deflect from the fact that Dylann Roof was inspired by the racist ranting of the Citizens Conservative Counsel. The Citizens Conservative Counsel has given $65,000 to Republican presidential candidates so far this year. 

Racism is alive and well in the GOP especially in the savage filthy South. 

Today's conservatism is not only racist but it is treasonous. 


Dylann Roof: product and victim vile racist treasonous cowardly Republican CONservatives.

Southern Heritage: - Demotivational Poster


  1. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

    I would have posted a comment sooner, but I had to get a new monitor for my computer. The old one went ka-blooy, and a friend brought me another one. I owe him $30 dollars for it, and I can give him $10 dollars each month until it's paid up.

    Anyway . . . I'm back on line again.

    Yeah! This Daylann Roof should be lying dead on a shit-house floor!!! Yeah! Daylann Floor!!!

    I would dearly love to put a Texas-sized boot print right in the middle of his milky white face.

    That sleazy, slimy little punk! I bet his Mama barked!!!

    He must be the result of many many many generations of inbreeding and down-breeding.

    Like, keep it in the family! Ya know!

    Yeah! His Uncle/Daddy and Aunt/ Mommie must be really proud of him.

    Oh! You can tell he's a good guy! He wears a white hat!

    So, I must be a bad guy, because I wear a black Obama hat!

    This Citizens CONservative Counsel, the CCC is only 8 letters away from the KKK!

    And these mother-fucker cock-suckers have been donating lots of money to Republican Presidential candidates!

    I have been signing many petitions on line to have the CONfederate flag taken down from all Government and public buildings.

    Yeah! We seriously need to take down that filthy old rag!

    Of course, the First Amendment, free speech and all that, will still allow private citizens to have the CONfederate flag on their bumper-stickers, belt buckles, shirts, etc. etc. etc. and they can still fly their CONfederate rags on their own private property.

    I say, GOOD! Let them!

    That will help us good citizens to more easily identify the bad citizens among us!

    They should be branded as treasonous traitors.

    Dylann Shit-house Floor, is a domestic terrorist, and he should get death by firing squad!


    No blindfold, and no last cigarette!

    Then, he should be chopped up into little pieces and dumped down into a shit-house!

    ~ Big Fat Heretic ~

  2. There are a lot of other people who need to be facing the firing squad.


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