Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fat Cops: A Pictorial Essay

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There are a lot of fat cops in Amerika so calling a cop a pig takes on a double meaning. These big bad bags of bacon are boldly enforcing the New World Order. Normally fat men are jolly but not fat cops. They seen to be the meanest. Maybe it's their small dicks?

Doughnuts: The Best Defense Against Out Of Control Cops

American cops love doughnuts almost as much as the hate Black people and the constitution. If you encounter an out of control fat cop offer him a doughnut or and entire box of doughnuts. When you spot an out of control cops let them know that you have doughnuts. Show them the doughnuts and offer them doughnuts.


  1. fat cops fat cops what u gonna do when I run from you

    1. Fat cops might shoot you in the back. Donuts are the best defense against cops.


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