Monday, July 13, 2015

FDA Corruption And The Medical Device Industry

Sometimes it's hard to find humor and you will find no humor here. The carnage of the medical industry marches on and there seems to be no end to the parade of money whores who get filthy rich by exploiting the suffering of human beings for obscene profits. 

The Medical Device Industry

Have you noticed all the recalls for various joint implants? I bet you have. The FDA has a medical device division that is every bit corrupt as the drug and food divisions. The FDA in their greed and corruption has approved the sale and implantation of metal on metal joint implants. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that putting a metal on metal joint implant into a human being is a recipe for disaster but the FDA and the medical industry thugs did it one better. The metal they use in these implants was cobalt which is toxic to humans.

There are many... too many medical device companies but three of the biggest and most corrupt are Medtronic, Stryker and Johnson & Johnson/DePuy. They run the device division of the FDA.

Medtronic is most likely responsible for the largest amount of carnage. Click this link to read more about Fines exceeding $100 MILLION against Medtronic

These devices are not only designed by brain damaged engineers so that they fail in a few years; even if they function properly mechanically they shed toxic metal that causes bone necrosis and liver failure. The device companies know that these implants had a high failure rate during clinical trials and even before the clinical trials they knew every single on of them would shed toxic metal ions. They still approved them knowing that they would kill and maim thousands of humans.

Joint implants are only one example of the massive corruption within the FDA and its industry masters. Cardiac stents, imaging equipment, trans vaginal and pelvic mesh are a few other devices that are maiming and killing patients.

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