Sunday, July 19, 2015

Move Over Governator and Make Room For The Trumpinator

Donald Trump's wrecking ball of truth hits hard and it hits often and right now it is demolishing all the lies and myths that are Republican as it pummels the corporate whore media on the back swing. Trump's myth busting wrecking ball of truth is on a tear as it continues to gain momentum among likely voters. Trump's laser guided wrecking ball is so effectively knocking down the Republican walls of deception that even many Republican voter are accepting reality and all Trump had to do is talk some shit about Mexicans to get their attention. I seriously doubt is Trump is a racist or even anti Mexican but the Republican base sure is. Now that Trump has the attention of the base they are now seeing that they no longer have to walk into the voting booth, plug their nose and pull the lever for some lying sack of shit servant to the plutocracy Republican errand boy.

Trump's wrecking is now taking aim at Republican hypocrite and wife beater John McCain by plainly stating that McCain is no hero. If McCain fights back Trump's wrecking ball of truth will bitch slap him too. Don't you just love it when monoliths get toppled?

The Trumpinator will lose the fateful lightning of his terrible swift wrecking ball once again and who and what will it strike this time? Jeb Bush and his wife the Mexican smuggler and his criminal drug addict daughter Noel could be next in line for a visit from Trump's wrecking ball of truth. WHAM!

The Trumpinator - Demotivational Poster



Why isn't anyone talking about John McCain beating his wife?

Report: McCain's Profane Tirade At His Wife - Huffington Post


The guy on the left is Jeb Bush and the one on the right is Trump.

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