Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sandra Bland Murdered

She was in her car and pulled over for failure to signal a lane change on a low traffic road and issued a ticket. The pig for no reason told her to extinguish her cigarette. She refused so he ordered her from the car and he beat the shit out of her out of the view of the camera. She was illegally arrested and taken to jail where it looks like the pigs lynched her in her cell.

There is probably a racial component to this but moreover this is an indication that the US police state is alive and well.

The Gestapo is claiming suicide because in the past she was suicidal after suffering a miscarriage. How convenient for them. She may have killed herself put that is highly likely given the text message she sent. 

Sandra Bland had no motive to kill herself but the Gestapo had plenty of motive. She argued with a cop.

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