Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Perfect Republican Hero

The Perfect Republican - Demotivational Poster
Jeb Bush has a pretty good Republican pedigree. His brother Neil was responsible for the S&L scandal. George Junior was/is a drug user and drunk. His father ran a pedophile prostitution ring out of the Reagan Whitehouse. His grandfather Prescott Bush had sinister dealings with Hitler and the Nazi party. His wife is a known smuggler and his daughter Noel has been arrested on drug charges and forgery.

Limbaugh has it all. Like all Republicans he hates the truth but only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are more prolific liars but Limbaugh is no slouch when it come to lying with his strength being prevarication and distortion. Limbaugh is as big a hypocrite as any Republican out there but what makes this pathetic bitch the perfect Republican is not only his criminal convictions for drugs and his smuggling of Viagra into the Dominican Republic while on one of his child sex tours but rather his popularity and his ability to appeal to even bigger scumbags than he is. I am referring to his depraved and demented listeners.

Rush Limbaugh is the King of the Republican Base. Limbaugh's lying sets him apart and while he's no Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney when it comes to the sheer volume of lies. Limbaugh knows his audience and exactly how toxic their weak easily led minds are. He can play them like a master.

Speculation regarding Rush's possible pedophilia has been long standing. Where there's smoke there is usually fire. Pedophilia is one cornerstone of Republican values and with Limbaugh's well known Viagra fueled sex tours most people have him figured for a pedophile.

Criminal drug use and his hypocrisy about it is classic Republicanism.

Limbaugh is a greedy glutton and greed is another Republican virtue.

Limbaugh is quite the racist and all good Republicans are racists.

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