Sunday, July 26, 2015

Who Will The Donald "Trump" Next?

His latest victim/bitch that he slapped down was that South Carolina war mongering flit boy Senator Lindsey Graham --Trump gave him a "pink slip".

Graham took some cheap shots at the Donald when the Donald told the truth about phony war hero, criminal and wife beater John McCain, another Republican war monger.

I'd like to see Trump steamroller that lying sack of shit Scott Walker and then kick the shit out of Jeb Bush some more. CLICK HERE FOR SOME OF SCOTT WALKER'S LIES 

Another good target for the Trumpinator would be Ben Carson. Ben Carson is a member of the most criminally corrupt industry in the history of mankind - the medical industry. Carson is a neurosurgeon and those fuckers are among the most corrupt doctors and medical industry whores. Since Trump was a close personal friend of Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson and doctors killed both of them, Trump may have prepared some special medicine prepared for that sleazy kickback taking medical menace and charlatan.

Trump has already pointed out the fact that Rick "Brokeback Mountain" Perry is a dumb fuck.

You can judge a man by the company he keeps. Mike Huckabee with Republican pedophile and draft dodging chicken hawk Ted Nugent. 
The biggest piece of shit in the race is false Christian Mike Huckabee. The Huckster is a known liar.

Fox News whore and former Ohio governor John Kasich is also a liar but what Republican isn't including Trump? Unlike most other Republican Kasich is reasonably sane and more of a paleo conservative than today's bat shit crazy Republicans and Kasich actually has a triple digit IQ. Since Kasich is not a prolific liar, sane and intelligent Republican voters will reject him nearly as quickly as they reject facts, compassion, sanity, honesty and reality. CLICK HERE FOR SOME OF KASICH'S LIES.

Who would you like to see the Trumpster clobber next? The corporate media?

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