Thursday, August 6, 2015

Biggest Liar In Fox Debate

I figured it would be Scott Walker would be the biggest liar and the second biggest liar would be Jeb Bush but the Biggest liar was Ben Carson. I was not surprised. Carson is an MD and American MDs are filthy liars.

So far in this election Carson has yet to tell the truth. Here's proof.

Walker and Bush are the biggest liars over all but in the debate Carson lied the most.

The only candidate that didn't lie was John Kasich.

Carson also lied about the size of the US Navy. The US Navy has more ships than all of the countries COMBINED, Romney told the same lies about the US Navy.

Mostly False
— PolitiFact New Hampshire

Ben Carson

Ben Carson

 This prove is that Ben Carson is a true Republican. He's a liar.

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