Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cop's Lives Matter

I'm not a fan of today's cops. There certainly are a lot of good people in law enforcement but sadly there are a whole lot of bad people, particularly the ones in command. They are the ones responsible for the deplorable condition of today's law enforcement officers. They have turned the police profession of policing into an industry and by doing so they have turned Serve and Protect into Harass and Collect.

I would guess that the majority of people who go into law enforcement go into it with best of intentions or at least that's how it used to be. Certainly today there are too many people wearing a badge and a uniform who should not be given the power that a law enforcement officer has. A cop can ruin your life and even take your life.

Blindly hating police is just plain stupid. The cop on the street -- the men and women in blue really do have a tough job. They are forced to deal with the dregs of society and they witness some very horrific things like dead bodies and child abuse. This is not meant to excuse the criminal conduct of so many of today's LEOs but I hope that people will see that there is more to policing than eating donuts and fucking with people. For many reasons too people wearing the badge and enforcing our laws are not qualified to be wearing badges and enforcing laws. We need better cops but more than that we need cops from the top down whose number one priority should protecting and defending the constitution of the United State.

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Why not be polite to cops even when they are fucking with you? Is you ego so big that you can't be a bigger person than some bully cop.

Show some kindness. If you are thinking about killing cops why not start out killing them with kindness? So what if in your mind that cop may not deserve a kind word or a thank you for doing his or her job. Maybe if it happens enough it may soften a hardened heart as open a closed and jaundiced mind. While a lot of cops were bullies and thugs before they went into law enforcement more may have become that way because of the culture and the pressures of the job.

Before you go blindly hating cops, consider that fact that this person has a family for whom he is supporting. Consider the unpleasant tasks these officers are charged with doing. While the actions of police are often inexcusable bitching about it and saying shit like "fuck the police" solves nothing.

Cops lives matter and to the mouthy assholes in the #BlackLivesMatter movement if you have a problem with that next time some ghetto rat is fucking with you, don't call the police for help. Deal with it on your own as you further plunge the Black community deeper into the abyss of ignorance and self-destruction.

With the way so many Blacks behave today, it is hard to believe that Black lives matter much to them.

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  1. A lot of cops are assholes but there are also a lot of good decent people in the profession who have to put up with a lot of shit. We should not be disrespecting cops unless they earn it.

    Great article!


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