Sunday, August 23, 2015

Should Josh Duggar Be Castrated?

This is a dumb question. Of course he should be castrated. The media is making a big deal because he cheated on his wife. That is not reason enough for castrating him. Duggar like so many right wing Christian types is a pedophile that is more than reason enough to hack off his nuts with a some sort of dull object like a claw hammer or a golf club.

Republicans LOVE Pedophiles Maybe Because So Many Republicans Are Pedophiles

Republican pedophiles grudgingly admit that they cannot stop their evil impulses so to protect the innocent we should stop them even if it means executing them. People like Josh Duggar should not only be castrated but locked in a cage and if the victim's loved ones want to have animals like Duggar killed then the state should execute them or the family should have the satisfaction of killing trash like Duggar in the  manner they see fit.

Republicans have embraced pedophile and baby raper Josh Duggar Click Here  Not all Republicans are pedophiles but nearly all pedophiles are Republicans and even if a Republicans is not actively molesting children they are enabling other pedophiles to do so.

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  1. Cut his balls off and make him eat them at gun point.


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