Saturday, September 26, 2015

Medical Fraud and How It Can Make You Rich

Think your doctor clinic or hospital is not committing medical fraud? Think again. At least 1/3 of what American pay for health care is waste and fraud according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. The actual number is probably much higher. Even at 1/3 that represents close to $800 BILLION dollars each year of theft. That is more than the US spends on national defense and 46% of the entire world's defense spending is by the warmongering US. 20% of the US GDP is the medical industrial complex. When it comes to sheer greed and revenue the US medical industrial complex puts every other industry to shame.

If you work for a doctor or a hospital you got hired because you are probably female, not too smart, easily bullied, a bitch and immoral and unprincipled  Moral and principled people don't last long in the American sick care industry. If you are like most barracudas who work in a doctor's office you are probably a back stabber and that will serve you well in getting filthy fucking rich. CHA CHING!

$$$ Instead of giving your boss a blow job, blow the whistle on him and get a huge reward! $$$

Theft Fraud and Kickbacks: The Rule NOT the Exception in American Healthcare

Medical theft and fraud is MASSIVE and so are the whistleblower reward. 

1. When you suspect fraud keep your ears open and keep your mouth shut. Remember, you are working in an industry full of very unethical and dangerous sharks

2. Contact a law firm that specializes whistleblower and qui tam law.

3. Don't go to local law enforcement because they may try to implicate you. Rich people are often mobbed up with the locals. HIRE an ATTORNEY who is a specialist in this area of law.

4. Compile and document anything that you find suspicious. 

5. Keep a secret diary and date it. 


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