Friday, September 25, 2015

National Enquirer: Bill Cosby Had His Son Ennis Murdered

When I first read it I figured it was bullshit but there is some smoke here.

1. His son's killer was a member of the Russian Mafia.

2. Cosby had a lot of dirty deeds to hide.

3. Anyone who could rape one woman let alone the scores of women Cosby raped is capable of anything. Bill Cosby is a depraved animal.

4. Cosby had the money to have it done.

    In the news
    Bill Cosby 'Ordered Killing Of His Own Son'
    The National Enquirer - 2 days ago
    Bill Cosby had his only son murdered after the boy threatened to reveal ... To read about all the secrets Cosby doesn't want the world to know, ...
    More news for Bill Cosby Had his son Murdered

    Murder of Ennis Cosby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Cosby, the son of comedian Bill Cosby, was shot in the head by 18-year-old Mikhail ... He had graduated from Morehouse College in 1992, despite struggling with ... Within 36 hours of his death, the high number of calls asking how Cosby's ...

    1. People also ask
  1. Bill Cosby's son shot to death while changing tire

    Lubbock Avalanche‑Journal
    LOS ANGELES (AP) - Bill Cosby's only son was shot to death early Thursday in a ... He had placed the spare tire on his dark green car and apparently was ...

    The National Enquirer: Bill Cosby 'had son murdered ...

    2 days ago - National Enquirer cover Bill Cosby had son murdered ... The timing couldn't have been worse as it fell on the heels of his son's murder.

    Too Far? Book Claims Bill Cosby Had His Son Murdered ...

    2 days ago - The National Enquirer has obtained manuscript written by aunt of Bill Cosby's alleged daughter Autumn Jackson claiming he killed his son.

    Bill Cosby Had Son Killed to Hide Sex Crimes, Scandalous ...

    1 day ago - A shocking new tell-all claims that Bill Cosby had his son killed in order to concel his sex crimes. The book was written by the aunt of...

    Bill Cosby - Tragic Death of Cosby's Son -

    With numerous awards to his credit, Bill Cosby is one of the top names in comedy. .....Bill Cosby received the tragic news that his son had been shot and killed.

    Convicted Killer of Ennis Cosby Confesses - ABC News

    The man convicted of killing Bill Cosby's son has confessed to the murder and ... tried to get his conviction overturned, arguing that the letters had been forged by ...

    New Report Says That BILL COSBY . . . Had His Own Son ...

    Media Take Out
    2 days ago - The National Enquirer is making some very OUTLANDISH CLAIMS . . . they say that Bill Cosby may have MURDERED HIS OWN SON.

    I Warned You About Bill Cosby in 2007 - The Daily Beast

    The Daily Beast
    Nov 20, 2014 - It identified a number of women who claimed that Bill Cosby had ... This was only reinforced when his son Ennis, 27, was shot and killed in a ...

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