Friday, September 11, 2015

The Hypocrisy, Ignorance, and Stupidity of the Religious Right

When right wing Christians are not calling Michelle Obama a man, loathing facts, denying scientific reality, hating educated people, raping their own children, being latent homosexuals, hating government, gormandizing at church events or teabagging each other, they are trying to shove their false doctrines down the throats of everyone who doesn't believe exactly as they do. Right winger are naturally stupid because if they were not stupid they would not be right wingers.

First their stupidity: They base their beliefs on the Bible and the Bible, or should I say BuyBull is mostly BULLSHIT. Only a stupid person would rely solely on such a stupid collection of stupid books for guidance and morality and claim it is the final authority on everything.

Now their ignorance: Nearly all Christians ignore most of what is written in the books of the Bible. Most Christians are cafeteria Christians in that they pick and choose from the Buy Bull what fits their world view and ignore the rest. Remember I said that they are busy hating government. They are busy hating government to the point that they are at time terrorists, law breakers and subversives and by hating government they are contrary and openly defying their god and the following scripture demonstrates.

In their defiance of the rule of law and the authority of government these false Christian like that harlot Kim Davis are defying God as defined by Romans 13:1-2.

Now for their hypocrisy:  Kim Davis is a shining example of hypocrisy as is that charlatan Mike Huckabee and here's why. Let's say that Kim Davis was a Muslim clerk and fat Mike and his wife waddled in to get a drivers license and the Muslim Kim Davis broke the law and refused to give fat Mike's wife a drivers license based on her Muslim beliefs. Do you think Mike the huckster Huckabee would be defending her religious liberty and defending her breaking of the law then? Of course he wouldn't.

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  1. hey are you a god hater?

    1. I guess quoting the bible and pointing out hypocrites and false Christians like most Republican voters makes me a god hater. Do I hate Jesus? I only hate the Republican Jesus.

    2. Republican Jesus is a gun fondling baby raping pedophile.


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